Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2022

January 21st through 23rd, 2022

Live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
& Virtually Everywhere Hosted by Accelevents!

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Kim Danbert

Tarologist & Spiritual Educator

Kim Danbert is known internationally for her spiritual gifts, which include seeing auras, Tarot reading, and connecting with the spiritual world.

Kim has been conducting psychic readings professionally for 38 years.

Having served on the Board of Directors of the International Tarot Society, Kim was a featured presenter at the World Tarot Congress in Chicago in May, 2002. She has received certificates from the Tarot School’s Reader’s Studio in 2003 and 2019, and from Tarot Reader’s Academy.

Kim leads a monthly tarot group and produces psychic fairs near her home in Melbourne, Florida.

Kim presented Tarot Pairings: Tarot and the Bible at StaarCon 2021.

She will present Court Cards and Kingdoms at StaarCon 2022.


Court Cards and Kingdoms

Camelot Meets Tarot in this role-playing game, where the Tarot Court Cards become animated in a problem-solving scenario.

This process helps one to see the court cards (and many of the Major Arcana cards) as living works of divination. Anyone can take this workshop. You do not have to have a working knowledge of the interpretations of tarot or be a tarot reader. This class is fun for all levels of tarot expertise from novice to professional reader!