Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2022

January 21st through 23rd, 2022

Live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
& Virtually Everywhere Hosted by Accelevents!

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Nancy Hendrickson

Tarot Author & Healer

Nancy Hendrickson is the author of Ancestral Tarot, a book that combines tarot skills with deep ancestral work. She can be found on Instagram where she does frequent Lives and seasonal readings (@nancysageshadow). Nancy has appeared on several podcasts including Staarcon 2020, Archetypal Tarot, Wildly Tarot, Witch with Me, Tarot Bytes, and the Weiser Books Radio Hour. She is currently writing Ancestral Magic, to be released Fall 2022.

Nancy presented How to Use Tarot to Identify and Work with Destructive Family Patterns at StaarCon 2021.

She will present Beyond Ancestral Tarot: Incorporating an Oracle into Ancestral Work at StaarCon 2022.

Beyond Ancestral Tarot: Incorporating an Oracle into Ancestral Work

Whether you’ve delved into Ancestral Tarot or not, you’re invited to learn exactly how to incorporate oracle decks into your ancestral readings. Discover how an oracle can be used as a clarifier, a personality descriptor, or can even tell an in-depth story that goes beyond what Tarot can reveal.

Bring a Tarot deck and at least one Oracle deck of your choice. Hint: The decks you choose make a difference. Choose wisely.

The World is an Oracle with Nancy Hendrickson

Nancy Hendrickson spent years writing books on genealogy. Throughout that time, she was also a tarot reader. Now she is a tarot author. Her book, Ancestral Tarot, published by Weiser Books, is available for preorder.

To Nancy, tarot is a tool for deep healing. Beyond that, Nancy finds spiritual connection and divinatory information everywhere she looks.