Grace Calas

Tarot Reader and Instructor

Grace Calas is CEO of Tarot Skills, powered by CompetentSee, LCC, an online community for lightworkers.  She is the designer of the Lightworker’s Tarot Deck and is an intuitive psychic and energy healer with 30 years of experience helping people to find inner clarity and personal fulfillment.  Grace is a 10th generation Usui Reiki Master and uses energy triggers to open the 3rd eye in tarot readings. She has been practicing Tarot since 2004 and is a Certified Tarot Master (CTM) and she holds an unusually high ReaderScore™ of 720.

Secrets of High Earning Tarot Readers

Are you holding yourself back from financial success? Learn the surprising strategies that successful life coaches and tarot card readers use to increase their odds toward a higher income.

Hear the simple truths that most successful life coaches and tarot card readers learned the hard way—and discover effective methods for inspiration, balance, and motivation for those who aspire to earn more in a world where vivid spirituality conjoins with a desired livelihood.

In Secrets of High Earning Tarot Readers, Grace Calas, tarot deck designer, reiki-master, coaching executive, and CEO at identifies the key strategies of high earners.

Tingling Tarot

In this 30-minute session, Grace will discuss the powerful use of energy in intuitive tarot readings, how to maximize the efficacy of both arts when used together, and conclude by providing a group reiki energy share and meditation.