Meet StaarCon 2024 Speaker Emilie Muñiz

Meet StaarCon 2024 Speaker Emilie Muñiz

Discovering the world of tarot is a fascinating journey, and for Emilie Muñiz, it was love at first sight. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Emilie found her passion for tarot when she was just a teenager, and it has been her lifelong companion ever since. Her love for the tarot has only grown with each passing year, and she has now been a professional tarot reader for over two decades.

Emilie has taught tarot reading to countless students, and her skills have made her a respected name in the world of divination. Apart from tarot, she also works with other systems such as Puerto Rican-style coffee cup readings, oracle cards, and Puerto Rican Espiritismo.

Emilie’s latest offering, Simplicity Lenormand, is a unique attempt to simplify the mysterious yet oddly familiar Lenormand system of divination. It is designed to make learning Lenormand easy and fun for students of all levels. With Emilie’s guidance, anyone can now understand the Lenormand system and master the art of divination.

Emilie’s Simplicity Tarot and Simplicity Lenormand are not just decks of cards, but a reflection of her deep understanding and passion for the art of divination. Her decks are designed to be intuitive, helpful, and insightful, and they have helped countless people gain clarity and insight into their lives.

If you are looking to explore the world of divination, Emilie’s decks are an excellent place to start. Her decades of experience and expertise make her an ideal guide to learn from. With her guidance, you can unlock the secrets of the tarot and Lenormand and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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Dame Darcy Returns to StaarCon with Her Independent Tarot Decks

Dame Darcy Returns to StaarCon with Her Independent Tarot Decks

StaarCon is excited to welcome back renowned artist, author, and deck designer Dame Darcy. Last year, she gave a presentation on “Independent Publishing Tarot Decks,” where she shared her insights and experiences with self-publishing and distributing tarot artwork, books, and decks. 

Dame Darcy is a versatile artist with many talents in alternative cartooning, fine arts, music, cabaret performance, and animation/filmmaking. She is also an accomplished tarot reader and independent publisher. Her unique style and creativity have earned her a devoted following of fans and admirers of her work.

Some of her original tarot decks, such as “Mermaid,” “Witchy Cat,” and “Queen Alice,” have become popular among tarot enthusiasts. Her decks are known for their beautiful artwork, unique themes, and rich symbolism. Each deck is truly a work of art that serves as a tool for divination and a source of inspiration and creativity.

If you’re a fan of tarot or just interested in learning more about independent publishing, you will want to attend Dame Darcy’s presentation at StaarCon 2024. Her passion, knowledge, and experience will inspire and enlighten you, and you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for the art of tarot and the power of independent publishing.

So please mark your calendars and get ready to join us at StaarCon 2024 to learn from the best in the industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Which StaarCon Ticket is Right for You?

Which StaarCon Ticket is Right for You?

Which StaarCon Ticket is Right for You?

There are a few things to consider when choosing your StaarCon ticket. First, of course, is whether you will be attending in person in Palm Beach Gardens, or online only.

When you visit the ticketing site, you will see that we have one option that, at $50, is extremely affordable. This is the Three of Cups option, which gives you a General Admission ticket.

The General Admission ticket, whether online or in person, allows you access to the exhibitors. The General Admission ticket also allows you access to the Public Track of classes.

Here are some FAQs about the Public Track.

What is the Public Track?

The Public Track is our name for the track of classes that is accessible with the low-cost “Three of Cups” General Admission ticket. The General Admission ticket can be purchased for $50. The General Admission Ticket is also included, as a courtesy, with all the single-day tickets.

Which presenters are on the Public Track?

The schedule is subject to change without notice. As the schedule now stands, the following presenters are on the Public Track: Birgit Kiemes-Windmill (Horary Astrology), Amie Mouser (Healing with the Suit of Cups), Frank Kwiatkowski (The Beatles and Tarot), Ciro Marchetti (The Art of Visual Communication), Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (How We Create Spiritual Power Tools), Serena Fox (Tarot Movement and the Tarot Dance), Vicki Santell (Creating Ritual with Tarot), Michelle Barrie (Mediumship with Lenormand), Claire Lily (Tarot for Families), Lisa Hunt (Spirit Drawing), Amber Highland (Writing for The Cartomancer), Rose Robinson (Spreads and Spells with the Major Arcana).

Can I take classes that aren’t on the Public Track with the General Admission ($50) ticket?

No. To be able to choose your classes, and/or have access to all the classes, you need a higher ticket level.

Are there single day tickets available?

Yes. You can buy a ticket for the preconference intensive only, or only for Saturday and Sunday. As a courtesy, these tickets also include the General Admission ticket, so you will also have access to the Public Track classes on the days that are excluded from the single day ticket you purchased.

Please note: The General Admission ticket and Public track was available at StaarCon 2021 and 2022. This ticket level was discontinued at StaarCon 2023.

Sasha Graham and Christiana on StaarCast

StaarCon Headliner Sasha Graham on StaarCast

We are so excited that Sasha Graham is a headliner for StaarCon 2022.

Sasha Graham is an actor, a tarot author and teacher, and a tarot deck designer. In this episode of StaarCon we learn about her life journey, and all the ways in which tarot has become a part of it.

As a theatrical person born on Halloween, Sasha likes things that are spooky and mysterious. She finds power in creating moods, scenes, and atmospheres that feel magical.

We are looking forward to seeing her magic in action at StaarCon.

Watch the interview on YouTube.

Get the podcast from your favorite podcast catcher, like Google Podcast, Spotify, or Apple Podcast.

Learn more about Sasha Graham on her website. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Two Women at Home Looking at Tarot Cards

The Accelevents Conference Experience

If you are attending StaarCon online, you will take your classes, shop in the online exhibition hall, and meet your friends in the online lounges, all on Accelevents.

This year, there is an app for Android and iOS that will allow you to take the conference with you if you are on the go.

If you are attending StaarCon in person, you will use Accelevents to navigate the conference, choose your classes, and communicate with your in-person conference friends as well as your online conference friends.

Whether you are attending online or in person, you will use Accelevents for the thirty-day StaarCon AfterGlow.

Accelevents has a handy chat help deck to handle any of your questions about how to use the platform and get the most from StaarCon.

A Woman Looking at Tarot Cards and Using Her Computer

The StaarCon AfterGlow

Whether you attend in person or online you will have access to recordings of all the classes included in your ticket for thirty days on the Accelevents platform.

If you have a full conference ticket, for example, you will be able to watch all the classes in all the tracks. Review the classes you loved and catch up on the classes you missed.

We will also have scheduled live events in the online lounges.

During the StaarCon AfterGlow you can continue to shop in the online exhibition hall and meet privately with your friends via video chat or in the lounges.

StaarCon is a three-day conference, but it is also a thirty-day learning experience.

StaarShine Scholarship Banner

The StaarShine Scholarship Fund

Although the Public Track is a very affordable way to attend StaarCon, serious students want the full conference and the opportunity to experience the more than thirty presentations.

For students who cannot afford this ticket we have the StaarShine Scholarship Fund.

If you have a student or friend whom you would like to nominate for a scholarship, please reach out. Your donations to the fund allow worthy students to get the very best in tarot and divination education.

People Social Networking

Join us on Social Media

We have a private Facebook group called StaarCon Community where we do Study Buddy exercises, find ride shares, hotel roommates, and other conference and community related things.

We also have a home on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Please Like and Follow StaarCon, so you can stay connected with your conference friends all year long.


Join Us at StaarCon 2022!

Join Us at StaarCon 2022!

Join us for StaarCon!

Just in case you haven’t heard, I am so excited to tell you that StaarCon 2022 will be held as a hybrid event. We will be in person at the Doubletree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and online on Accelevents.

StaarCon 2022 will begin at 9:30 am Friday, January 21, with a preconference intensive taught by me, Christiana Gaudet. Our opening ceremony will be Friday at 7:30 pm.

Saturday and Sunday, January 22 and 23, will be full days of classes, workshops, and presentations, featuring more than thirty presenters. There will be a plated banquet dinner under a poolside pavilion Saturday evening for in-person participants.

Tickets are now available. You can see the StaarCon agenda and purchase the ticket that is right for you!

If you plan on attending in person, please get your ticket now, as in-person seating for StaarCon 2022 is limited.


StaarCon Headliners Rachel Pollack and Sasha Graham

Meet Our Headliners

At StaarCon 2022 we will have over thirty presenters. Many are authors and artists whom you know, like Nancy Hendrickson, Gita Rash, Jenna Matlin, Jamie Sawyer, and others. Some are emerging talent that we are excited to share with you.

Our two headliners this year are Rachel Pollack and Sasha Graham.

Rachel Pollack has been a guiding light in tarot since the 1980s. She is the creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot, and the author of more than seventeen books on tarot and spirituality. She is also a poet, and a science fiction author.

Sasha Graham is the creator of Dark Wood Tarot and the author of several books on tarot, including Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads, and 365 Tarot Spells.

At StaarCon we are committed to bringing you the very highest level of wisdom and knowledge for your spiritual journey. We are thrilled that Rachel and Sasha, along with all the StaarCon 2022 presenters, will be helping us honor that commitment.

Welcome to Accelevents!

Our online StaarCon attendees will join us on the Accelevents platform. This is the conferencing platform we used for StaarCon 2021. Accelevents works best on Google Chrome.

Online attendees will be able to enjoy classes, presentations, and workshops from the comfort of their home. Online attendees will get to meet and interact with other online attendees, and with those who are attending in person.

In person attendees will use Accelevents to help them navigate the conference, choose their classes, and network with in person and online attendees.

All attendees, both in person and online, will enjoy the thirty day “Afterglow” on Accelevents.

For thirty days after the conference ends all ticket holders will be able to view all the recorded classes included with their ticket. There will also be scheduled online events in the Accelevents lounges during the Afterglow.

Our use of Accelevents makes StaarCon accessible to you from anywhere in the world, and gives added features and benefits to all StaarCon attendees.

Christiana Masked on an Airplane

COVID Safety at StaarCon

We at StaarCon are partnering with the DoubleTree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center to ensure that we can offer an event where you will feel safe and secure. Of course, the option to attend StaarCon online offers you a completely COVID-safe experience.

If you choose to attend in person, here are the steps we are taking for your safety.

The meals we are serving will be outdoors. Meals will be plated rather than banquet-style.

Attendance will be limited (get your ticket early!).

The hotel bar opens onto a poolside patio where we can socialize outdoors.

These difficult times have been challenging for everyone, including our conference community at large. Now more than ever it seems important that we be able to gather, learn, and celebrate, at whatever level of physical proximately seems most appropriate to each of us.

The Pool at the Doubletree Hotel Palm Beach Gardens

The DoubleTree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center

If you can join us in person, you will be impressed with our conference venue. Bring your bathing suit and enjoy the pool and spa. There is an on-site restaurant and a bar that allows you to enjoy drinks poolside.

The DoubleTree is close to many Palm Beach County attractions, including beaches, golf courses, high-end fashion shopping, museums, and theaters. Within walking distance are restaurants and a grocery store.

When you purchase your StaarCon tickets you have the option to buy meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunches, and Saturday dinner. If you want to take advantage of the StaarCon meals, you must have your meal tickets by January 1.

The DoubleTree has reserved a block of guest rooms for us at a discount. You must reserve your room by December 1 to take advantage of that discount.

The closest airport to the DoubleTree is Palm Beach International. You will need to arrange ground transportation for the ten-minute ride to Palm Beach Gardens.

The DoubleTree staff is ready to help make your stay a pleasant and memorable one.