StaarCon 2022 Headline

Preparing for StaarCon

StaarCon is now less than two months away! How can you prepare?

First, of course, make sure you have your ticket! You can attend in person in Palm Beach Gardens or online on Accelevents. Either way, you need to have a ticket. If you have questions about which ticket is right for you, please call or text me at 561-655-1160, or email me.

Once you have your ticket, download the Accelevents app into your Android or iPhone. Either on your computer or on the app, log in to Accelevents. The ticket you receive in your email will help you do this. You will want to do this whether you are attending online or in person.

Once on Accelevents, you can choose the classes you would like to attend and create a profile for yourself.

You can also join the StaarCon Community private group on Facebook and get to know some of your fellow conference attendees.

If you are attending in person, you will want to arrange your transportation, and get your hotel room using the StaarCon discount link.

You may also want to buy tickets for the StaarCon meal plan.

If you are coming in person and staying at the hotel, bring a bathing suit as Jenna Matlin is planning a pool party!

Sign Says Sponsors Welcome

Gratitude to Our StaarCon Sponsors

StaarCon sponsorships are available now! We are very grateful to the organizations who have already become our sponsors, including US Games, Inc., Weiser Books, Lady Lenormand, SoulTopia, Connect One Marketing, and Intuitive Key.

Sponsorships are available at a variety of affordable rates. Sponsors will have their banners visible in the Accelevents lobby throughout the conference and the AfterGlow.

If you would like to become a StaarCon sponsor, please email me.

Woman Holding Shopping Bags

Our StaarCon Vendors

We are excited to have some wonderful vendors, both online and in person. There will be a few tarot and oracle designers joining us with their decks and accessories, including Ciro Marchetti and Lisa Hunt. SoulTopia is traveling all the way from Texas to bring you the best New Age merchandise available.

Do you have your copy of the Food Healing Deck yet? If not, no worries, you can pick up a copy at StaarCon!

Whether you join us in person on on-line, be prepared for fabulous shopping, as well as enlightening learning, and fantastic fellowship.

Woman Reading Tarot Cards at a Table

What Will the Weather Be in Palm Beach Gardens in January?

If you are coming to StaarCon in person, you might be wondering about the weather. While January is typically the coldest month of the year in South Florida, the weather is usually sunny and temperate. Expect the average temperature to be around 74 degrees Fahrenheit, while the low may drop down to 60 degrees. Don’t worry, the pool at the DoubleTree is heated!

If you buy a StaarCon meal ticket, you will enjoy eating your gourmet meals in a tented pavilion poolside.

If you want to enjoy libations and divinations in the DoubleTree bar, you will be able to sit with your conference friends at the poolside patio.

Laptop Computer, Tarot Cards and Cup

What Will StaarCon Online Be Like?

If you are attending StaarCon online, you might be wondering what the experience of online conferencing is. On Accelevents, the conference experience is not like a Zoom conference, or a conference held on social media.

When you attend StaarCon online, you can shop in the virtual exhibition hall. If you have a full conference ticket, you can pop in and out of the simultaneous classes, knowing you can watch the classes more carefully during the AfterGlow. You can meet with friends in the lounges and have one-on-one video chats with conference attendees on Accelevents.

You will also be able to interact with in person conference attendees. Whether the StaarCon presenter is in person or online, you will be able to use the chat function to ask questions.

A tarot conference is an immersive experience. Of course, there is something special about being with people in person, Yet, if that is not possible for you, StaarCon on Accelevents will be an exciting, informative, and immersive experience.

Three People Social Networking

StaarCon Social Networking

We have a private Facebook group called StaarCon Community where we do Study Buddy exercises, find ride shares, hotel roommates, and other conference and community related things.

We also have a home on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Please Like and Follow StaarCon, so you can stay connected with your conference friends all year long.