We are dedicated to four important principles.

Educational Excellence 

We will provide you with a true educational opportunity. Wherever you are in your journey as a tarotist, diviner or spiritual seeker, we want to help you get to the next level of understanding and confidence in your practice. We will do this by offering great teachers, and a variety of classes that are immersive, experiential and informative. 

A Broad Scope of Topics 

We are a tarot convention. Yet, those who love tarot enjoy many important mystical topics. At StaarCon you can learn about many types of cartomancy and divination, as well as spiritual practices from a variety of cultures. 

Community Fellowship 

We will create an environment that fosters the growth of community, as well as personal growth. At StaarCon you will make new friends, expand your network, and renew longstanding connections. The fellowship created by the study of sacred art and spiritual symbolism is like no other. 

Appreciation of Our Artists 

We will shine a light on the artists of tarot and cartomancy. It is through the inspiration and talent of our artists that we are able to connect with Universal wisdom in our divination practices. At StaarCon you will have an opportunity to meet some of our most treasured artists, and to appreciate their creations.