The StaarCon AfterGlow

Rachel Pollack and Amie Mouser

The StaarCon AfterGlow is your opportunity to watch presentations that you might have missed or review the ones you attended.

The AfterGlow is available to all ticket holders, whether you attended StaarCon 2023 in person or online.

The AfterGlow happens on the Accelevents Event Management platform.

Be sure to create your account on Accelevents to join in to all the fun!

You can view the recorded sessions for 30 days after the event ends. This year, all sessions will be recorded and available for review, including the opening and closing ceremonies. During the conference and the AfterGlow, you can interact with other attendees and presenters virtually in the Accelevents Lounges.

During the AfterGlow there will be scheduled workshop sessions with StaarCon presenters in the lounges. All ticket holders are invited to attend.

Visit the virtual Expo for coupons and special offers from our sponsors and vendors! The Expo remains open during the AfterGlow.

Ciro Marchetti on Accelevents
Sasha Graham presents at StaarCon 2022

If you have a single day ticket you can access the sessions recorded on the day of your ticket.

Full conference ticket holders have access to all the recordings.

Did you miss a presentation? View the recording in the AfterGlow!

Scheduled Events for AfterGlow 2023

January 25, 6 pm ET 

Barrett Urmy

Barrett Urmy Interviews Ciro Marchetti 

January 28, 5 pm ET 

Maria Alviz Hernando 

Reading with Significators: A Mapped Guide Out of the Mess and Into Success 

January 30, 6:30 pm ET 

Mitchell Osborn 

Animal Communication Workshop 

February 6, 7:30 pm ET 

Brenda Elizabeth and Michelle Barrie 

The Hippie Game of Hope 

February 7, 6 pm ET

Gita Rash 

Understanding Your Dreams 

February 11, 12 pm ET (Noon)

Hattie Parker

Virtual Auras: Explained and Enjoyed

February 12, 7 pm ET

Christiana Gaudet 

A Modern Celtic Cross