Operational Tarot
Creating and Managing Energy in a Tarot Reading

StaarCon 2021: Friday, January 22, 2021: Preconference Track: 10:00 am

Presented by Christiana Gaudet

While we all perceive and understand Spirit differently, we all experience something spiritual in a tarot reading. Whether we see this is a function of our own consciousness or something outside of ourselves isn’t important to the process. What is important is that we learn to work with energy in order to create the circumstances in which a great tarot reading can take place.

In this section, we will learn ways to create and manage the energy of a tarot reading. This process allows us, as readers, to function at our highest potential. When we understand how to create and manage the energy of a tarot reading, the following things become true. We create an energetic connection with our tarot cards which engenders flow of communication and heightened intuition. We create a safe and sacred space in which to perform divination. We create an environment in which we easily enter the flow and zone of tarot reader, absent of anxiety and apprehension. We create a connection with our client which encourages communication and intuition. We engage the third eye to enhance the intuitive aspects of tarot reading and allow the card images to speak. We create an environment in which our client is receptive to truth, understanding and healing.

This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

Operational Tarot
How the Seventy-Eight Cards Behave in a Tarot Reading

StaarCon 2021: Friday, January 22, 2021: Preconference Track: 11:00 am

Presented by Christiana Gaudet

Each card can perform numerous functions in a reading. In this section we will learn how keywords, images, classic interpretations, correspondences and intuitive hits work together to form a reading that is pertinent, accurate and inspiring. This will include the following topics. Allow multiple images and keywords to inform your reading by developing the ‘Deck in Your Head’. Don’t limit what the cards can say to you in a reading. Find the right keywords for the right situation. Allow the cards to speak with each other. Allow dignity to give nuance and healing magick to your interpretations. This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

Operational Tarot
Tarot Reading Techniques

StaarCon 2021: Friday, January 22, 2021: Preconference Track: 1:40 pm

Presented by Christiana Gaudet

The techniques available to us for giving a tarot reading are vast. While each tarot reader has their preferred methods, it is important to have a full toolbox of techniques at your disposal. Having many techniques gives us the best possibility to handle any situation that arises at the tarot table. In this section we will learn the following methods. How to work with tarot spreads. How to dialogue with the cards. How to break out a question. The Moderator for the session is Amie Mouser.

Operational Tarot
Delivery is Everything

StaarCon 2021: Friday, January 22, 2021: Preconference Track: 3:40 pm

Presented by Christiana Gaudet

We can derive an astounding amount of information in a reading. Yet, it won’t mean much if we can’t deliver that information in a way that is palatable, understandable, entertaining, empowering and healing. In this final section we will practice delivering messages and handling client resistance at the tarot table. Our focus will include the following. Helping the client process and release hurt and disappointment. Offering new perspectives that empower the client. Helping the client understand their options for the future. Working to manifest the client’s best destiny. Identifying and changing false narratives.

The Tarot Show with Kate Mura

StaarCon 2021: Friday, January 22, 2021: Public Track: 8:00 pm

Presented by Kate Mura

Every Group Tarot is different, as every group and every tarot reading is a unique constellation. Stories, anecdotes, conversation, philosophy, questions, history, herstory and ourstory come out specifically for your audience, your day and time, your season. What I’m doing is giving a tarot reading. To a large group. As one. You are involved. By picking cards, conversing, asking questions, and actively, compassionately listening. So… let’s see what the cards have to say.

All-Day Divining – Using the Tarot to Practice and Play to Create a Divine Work/Life Balance

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 1: 10:00 am

Presented by V.

Tarot is a sacred tool for connecting with our higher self, our guides, and our ancestors to help bring clarity to our lives. But what if we transformed this tool to one of play? Using the Tarot to “play all day” can help to break us out of old patterns, create new “happiness habits”, and role-play our way into a happy balance of work and life. This session is moderated by Isaac Mouser.

The Magic of Connection: Using Divination to Transmute Unwanted Energy Instead of Running From It

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 2: 10:00 am

Presented by Michelle Welch

Living a spiritually attuned life can come with challenges. This presentation will introduce ways to use divination tools to transform harsh energies so you can become a grounded source of love and light. Learn how empathic abilities can help you heal your inner wounds while staying connected to your community. Michelle Welch will show you how to work with the energies that connect all people, and instead of cutting energetic cords, you will learn to transmute challenging energies in ways that support your personal spiritual journey.

Styles of Tarot

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Public Track: 11:15 am

Presented by Beverly Frable

This workshop will compare and contrast the three major tarot styles: Tarot de Marseille: The first known tarot deck dating back to the 15th century; Rider Waite Smith: The deck that influenced the majority of all tarot decks available today; Thoth: Offers astrological and kabalistic attributes, Egyptian symbolism and occult references. Join us for a high-level introduction to each and decide which styles work for you!

Manifesting by the Light of the Moon

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 1: 12:30 pm

Presented by Amie Emberharte

Bring your favorite cards, runes, crystals, charms, photos, and an intention or two you would like to manifest in your life. Amie Mouser will share information on Luna’s cycles and how to connect your intentions with the flow of the Goddess to amplify the manifesting power always present in your life. The magick she shares will be eclectic, drawing from various traditions and practices. Those new to Moon Magick as well as those who have been practicing for years will find new and inspiring ways to harness the power of the moon and connect with the Goddess. This season is moderated by Ryan Mouser. This interactive class will include information and experience creating altars using divination tools as well as magickal and mundane items. Amie has created Manifesting by the Light of the Moon Concoctions, a booklet for your use going forward which will include some of her favorite and most successful creations. Come learn, share your experiences, and amplify the power of your connection with our beautiful moon.

Astrology Basics for Tarot Readers

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 2: 12:30 pm

Presented by Mary Ellen Collins

Add some star shine to your tarot readings by learning how to recognize the astrological references found in your tarot deck. In addition to their classic meanings, every tarot card also has an astrological correspondence. This workshop will familiarize you with the specific correspondences for the cards in the major arcana. We will also introduce basic building blocks for reading astrology charts by looking at zodiac signs, planets, and houses. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to learn more about astrology in the future!

Shamanism and the Tarot

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 1: 2:15 pm

Presented by Benebell Wen

This will start as a study of how shamanism has been practiced throughout history and by various world cultures, though first, we’ll draw the distinction between a shaman and having a shamanistic experience. We’ll then discuss application of core concepts by the modern-day tarot reader. I’ll share my perspective on using a tarot deck to detect spirit presence in a room and what that means in more rationalist, psychology-based terms. We’ll also explore methods for channeling a spirit with the tarot as our tool. This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

Dancing with Angels – The Art of Oracle “Word Tango”

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 1: 4:00 pm

Presented by Reverend Kevin Lee

Kevin will share ways both new and seasoned readers can begin a “new dance” with their clients. This begins the moment of advertising intuitive sessions through to the booking process. It continues even as you greet them, and certainly as you begin your higher dialogue of intuitive inner experiences, and how they parallel the images, colors, shapes and more on each card. Readings are not only about informing the client what needs to be shared but also about our listening to the responsive words your client shares with you. You are in a spiritual tango and you must lead your partner while sensing their capability of understanding what you are hoping to share.

The Great Epic: The Mahabarata Oracle

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 1: 5:15 pm

Presented by Gita Rash

A walk-through of one of the oldest, greatest written epics that provided the inspiration for the creation for this oracle deck, “The Mahabharata Oracle”. The extraordinary tale of human foibles, emotions and actions was the perfect backdrop to re-create the meanings in a more simple format, which can guide and help us navigate through our own lives. These archetypes are present in all of us, we have only to look within and recognize that we are all a part of the macrocosm of this universe. The wide spectrum of emotions, dualities, miracles, philosophy, spirituality, etc. present in characters ranging from the colorful to the bizarre weave this fascinating story. Providing profound messages, the wisdom we can glean from this story is a master lesson in life.

Bindrunes: Rune Sigils for Today

StaarCon 2021: Saturday, January 23, 2021: Track 2: 5:15 pm

Presented by John Hijatt

The ancient writing system of Runes was used throughout the Germanic and Scandinavian lands from the 2nd to the 11th centuries. They have been revived in modern times for use in magickal and divination use as part of a Germanic-based spirituality (Heathenism/Asatru). Bindrunes unite the energies of individual Runes as a sigil for magickal talismans/purposes as part of your spiritual journey. This workshop will introduce you to bindrunes and provide tools to create a bindrune (during the workshop) to aid you in setting your intentions into the universe. Previous rune knowledge is helpful but not required. We will work with the Elder Futhark Runes.

Tarot Art and Artists Breakfast and Discussion

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 8:45 am

Presented by Benebell Wen, Christiana Gaudet, Ciro Marchetti & Gita Rash

Why did our artists create the cards the way they did? What are our favorite card depictions, and why? How do different types of art stimulate our physic senses differently? How would you like to depict the cards? What sort of deck would you design if you could? Be part of a conversation about our art and with our artists.

8 Keys to Practicing Tarot for Spiritual Awakening

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 10:00 am

Presented by Frank Kwiatkowski

Tarot is a gateway to the divine within.When practiced with sacred intention, commitment, and patience, tarot becomes a very effective and fun tool for spiritual awakening. An awakening is a transformation within the psyche that fundamentally changes perspectives, attitudes, and values. This awakening of the spirit is the crucial first step of the process of individuation, an initiation to fully realizing and becoming our essential true nature. It is the active process of merging with divinity. In this workshop you will receive a series of tips for how to use tarot with the intention of spiritual awakening. You can expect to leave this workshop with eyes, mind, and heart opened to new possibilities for your personal use of tarot. Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite tarot deck, as Frank will share his 8 Keys to Spiritual Awakening Spread.

Composing Your Tarot Soundtrack

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Public Track: 11:15 am

Presented by Marion Kirk

The Tarot and Music have many similarities. Both can be used as forms of story telling and are an expression of creativity. Have you ever heard a song or piece of music that expressed exactly how you felt in that very moment? Or seen an image of a tarot card which immediately reminded you of that obscure song you have not heard in years? In this presentation Marion will share techniques that she has found helpful in developing a deeper connection and understanding of the tarot through the power of music.

Kipper Cards – A Situational Gem in Your Tarot Read

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 3: 11:15 am

Presented by Toni Puhle

The Kipper Cards form a perfect balance to any Tarot read. I will be walking you hand by hand through the situational nuances of the Kipper Deck that will enhance your Tarot predictions and present your clients with a practical look at their future. Join me on your divination journey at StaarCon and learn everything you need to know to jump start your Kipper storylines with a blast.

Life Art and Story Medicine: Claim your Path and Live in Alignment using Tarot for Guidance, Confidence, Connection and Manifestation

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 12:30 pm

Presented by Serena Fox

Join together for an inspiring hour-long journey with tarot and storytelling. Welcome the cards as guidance in everyday life! We’ll explore their use as connected to personal clarity, creativity, manifestation, healing and awareness. We’ll discuss the archetypes and symbols as prompts for pivotal reflection and adjustment…a springboard for dynamic movement, motivation and positive change. Through this exercise, we’ll strengthen our connection, clarity and purpose. The hour includes: History; Card Overview and Recognition; Practice of Deep Listening and Meditation; Storytelling; and Q and A).

Lenormand Catchy Phrases

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 2: 12:30 pm

Presented by Anne Stern Walner

In this workshop you will learn supportive words to pair with your Lenormand cards. This creates a stronger message for you and your clients to replay and record with powerful words. I fancy utilizing clichés, idioms, metaphors, proverbs, and quotes to express my thoughts and feelings. I finally found a venue where I could implement them to generate another perspective, viewpoint, and opinion for reading Lenormand.

Diving Deep into the Hanged Man

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 2:15 pm

Presented by Mary K. Greer

One of the most mysterious cards in the deck is the Hanged Man, which Waite claimed has, unfortunately, been misinterpreted. Let’s see if we can unravel its significance in ways that bring a deeper appreciation for how Tarot helps us in everyday life. We’ll see what history and modern media have to say and then what the mythic, archetypal and mystical perspectives have to teach us.

Tarot Spreads and Simple Rituals to Connect with the Witch’s Year

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Public Track: 4:00 pm

Presented by Rose Robinson

Incorporating your Tarot to enhance your seasonal celebrations can seem tricky. What cards do I focus on? How can I build spreads that enhance my practice? What decks should I use? Join RoseRed as she takes you on a journey through the Sacred Celebrations and shares ideas on how to use the symbols of the holiday to create spreads to connect with each specific Sabbat. Find ways to extend the cards one can use to make deeper connections to each of the Sabbats. You will get a spread for each Sabbat as well as a simple ritual you can do to enhance your own connection to the Witch’s Year.

How to Use Tarot to Identify and Work with Destructive Family Patterns

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 4:00 pm

Presented by Nancy Hendrickson

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re trapped in self-defeating behavior, you may be experiencing the result of a generational pattern. These are habits that were born out of necessity but over the years became adopted as a family norm. While not all generational patterns are destructive, the ones that are negatively impacting your life today definitely are.

Join Nancy Hendrickson as she demonstrates how to use Tarot to begin unraveling the patterns that no longer have a place in your life. Bring a Tarot deck separated into Majors, Minors, and Court Cards.

Mantra Managed

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 2: 4:00 pm

Presented by Kristine Gorman

Supplies needed: 1-5 tarot decks you normally don’t use for tarot readings, pick the worst deck or the best as long as they have images on them. I am going to ask you 5 questions, you can use a different deck for each question or one unfamiliar deck for all your questions, whatever feels right for you! Pen and paper. All levels welcome!!

*Any tarot deck you have will work as long as it has a pictorial image on each card. (Marseille deck majors only)

Let’s weave a personal mantra for you that reflects what your lovely unconscious wants to say to you! This Mantra will be the best energetic probiotic of the moment to help it all flow toward the evolution and resolution we crave and need. Spark your intuition with this hands-on magically creative exercise that is all about you! Mantra Managed!!!

Pathworking: A Qabalistic Tarot Meditation for 14 Temperance

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 3: 4:00 pm

Presented by David Zunker

From the Golden Dawn organization at the turn of the previous century to modern magical practice, Pathworking is a method to directly experience the energies of the Tarot through its undeniable links to the Hebrew Tree of Life. In this way we may learn the Tarot directly through personal inner experience. David will take us on a partially guided meditation to experience the Temperance card. David creates Sacred Space and conducts participants into the use of their breath and imagination to have an expansive and personal learning experience. We will use the Middle Pillar Exercise to raise awareness and go into a personal exploration of Tarot Major Arcana card 14 Temperance. There will be a 15 min. explanation of the process; then, from the beginning of the meditation, the “doors” will be closed to further entry. Participants are encouraged to have the time and space to be undisturbed and to be 100% clear and sober for the meditation.

Exorcisms, Demonology, and Their Relevance in Contemporary Times

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 2: 5:15 pm

Presented by Benebell Wen

I’ll be sharing my personal life story and why I’m deeply invested in these topics.

We’ll explore the theoretics of exorcisms and find the universal common denominator of exorcism rituals by examining practices from different cultures and religions around the world. We’ll talk about pre-Christian concepts of daimons and demonology from Egyptian mythos, Taoist mysticism, and where these seemingly disparate Mysteries intersect.

Most importantly, we’ll consider the peculiar relevance of understanding demonology in today’s world and why more than ever, spiritualists of the 21st century can better serve their world through deepened knowledge of exorcistic practices and demonology.

(This is not a tarot-related presentation.)

The Tarot Tree: Branching out to find new and successful ways to expand your practice, connections and business online

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 3: 5:15 pm

Presented by Roxie Zwicker

Explore the many creative ways to expand and be successful with your unique skills and offerings in this discussion group. If you are feeling stagnant or challenged to find ways to grow your audience, join Roxie for a fun, and empowering session with tips and tricks galore to help you grow in all the ways you intend to in 2021.