StaarCon 5 Intensive Sessions

For Attendees

StaarCon intensive sessions allow the speaker to cover a complex topic in multiple parts. Each 45-minute segment focuses on a specific aspect of the subject being presented.

At StaarCon 5, we will offer intensive sessions on various topics taught by new and returning StaarCon presenters throughout the weekend.

For Speakers

Your intensive presentation can consist of 2 or 3 45-minute sessions scheduled in a single day of the event.

If you think your topic would be great for an intensive session, please get in touch with Christiana!

Amy Forman teaches an intensive session at StaarCon 2024.
Understanding Your Dreams

Delve into the fascinating world of dreams and learn to connect with them and manifest your goals to achieve love, harmony, success, and spiritual growth. Discover your latent powers and personal messages by decoding your dreams. Unlock the treasure trove laden with secrets of your subconscious mind through symbology, archetypes, metaphors, and other methods. Travel on a spiritual journey of the inner self or through the astral realms for a fascinating ride. Connect with loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to glean wisdom and knowledge.

Understanding Your Dreams: Part 1
Saturday, January 25 @ 10:15 am
Understanding Your Dreams: Part 2
Saturday, January 25 @ 11:30 am
Soul Spelunking with the Tarot

The concept of shadow work is popular among alternative spiritual circles, but what does this work mean? It can be a bit of an archaeological dig through the layers of the self, but current methods can do more harm than good, missing hidden treasure along the way.

In this two-part intensive, Heather will discuss using tarot and oracle cards as a tool for gently moving through the layers of the Self as an act of exploration, with an element of excitement and a bit of play.

Soul Spelunking with the Tarot: Part 1
Sunday, January 26 @ 10:15 am
Soul Spelunking with the Tarot: Part 2
Sunday, January 26 @ 11:30 am