StaarCon Videos


StaarCast is a podcast about tarot, divination, cartomancy and all things StaarCon. StaarCast is available as both a video and audio presentation. Find the video on the StaarCast YouTube channel, and the audio podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

StaarCon Live Broadcasts on Facebook

Christiana Gaudet will be broadcasting live on the StaarCon Facebook page every Tuesday with the StaarLight Tuesday Tip. Join live or watch the archive to learn a new divination technique, card interpretation, or tarot spread. This will give you just a taste of the kinds of things you could learn at StaarCon.

On Wednesday you can catch Christiana with the StaarBright Wednesday Wonders. Christiana will honor the StaarCon mission of using and teaching a wide range of tools by offering live readings using tools she doesn’t normal use in her professional practice.

Every Sunday you can join Amie and Ryan Mouser for the StaarGazer Sunday Meditation. Amie will lead you in an inspiring guided meditation, while Ryan provides music in support of your meditative journey.