StaarCon 2024 Exhibitors

StaarCon 2024 will offer wonderful opportunities for shopping, both online and in person.

Exhibitors who join us in person will automatically have a virtual booth on Accelevents during the conference and the AfterGlow. Some exhibitors will choose to participate online only.
In person attendees may shop at the hotel and at the virtual exhibition hall.
Expect the opportunity to purchase divination-themed clothing and jewelry, decks, books, and one-of-a-kind objets d’art.

StaarCon 2022 setting up for a presentation
Sasha Graham signing books at StaarCon 2022

Many of our StaarCon presenters are artists, deck designers, and authors. You will have the opportunity to have your favorite deck or book signed, or to purchase a signed copy.

Many sponsors and exhibitors will offer special discount codes to StaarCon ticket holders. Your ‘digital swag’ will provide you will tools to use all year long, and mementos from your time at StaarCon.


If you are interested in being an exhibitor at StaarCon 2023, use the form below or send an email to cgaudet@staarcon.com. We will be happy to welcome you.

All in person exhibition tables will be in the conference rooms, with plenty of time between sessions for attendees to shop. All in person exhibitors will also have a large exhibition booth in the virtual expo.

Presenters and deck creators will be able to use the signing table near the registration desk to sell and sign their books and decks before and after their presentations.

In person exhibitors will be able to view the presentations That happen in the rooms in which they are exhibiting. Exhibitors will not be given admission to the full conference.

In person exhibitors will not be given access to the full conference, in person or online, without a ticket to StaarCon 2024. Online exhibitors will not have access to any part of the online conference except the virtual expo without a ticket to StaarCon 2024.


Ciro Marchetti and Sasha Graham at StaarCon 2022

In Person Exhibitor

You will have a single standard-size exhibition table on the edge of a conference room. Chairs and tablecloth are provided. You may exhibit for one, two, or all three days, but there is no discount in price if you do not exhibit for the full conference. You will also have a large virtual booth for all three days of the conference and all 365 days of the AfterGlow.

The fee is $250.

If you are an in-person presenter at StaarCon 2024 your discounted fee is $150.

Virtual Exhibitor

Virtual exhibition booths in the Accelvents expo are available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The size refers to the footprint of the banner in the virtual expo hall.

Virtual exhibition booths are open for all three days of the conference and during the thirty-day AfterGlow.

A large virtual exhibition booth is $150.

A medium virtual exhibition booth is $100.

A small virtual exhibition booth is $80.

Online StaarCon 2024 presenters may have a large virtual exhibition booth for $75.

Full Conference Attendee Special Price

If you are a StaarCon 2024 attendee with a full conference  ticket you may be an in person and virtual exhibitor for  $75 in addition to your conference ticket.

Exhibitor Application