The First Hybrid Conference for Divination Professionals & Metaphysical Enthusiasts

Early Bird Special: Use code STAARFAN5 at checkout and receive $25 off a full conference ticket!

Make Your Plans to Attend StaarCon 5

StaarCon 5 is a multi-track hybrid tarot, divination, and metaphysics conference that will take place on January 24, 25, and 26, 2025.

The conference will be held in person at Palm Beach County’s newest hotel, Delta by Marriott at Palm Beach International Airport, and online on the Accelevents Events Management Platform.

StaarCon 2024 AfterGlow

The StaarCon 2024 AfterGlow will be available until January 20th, 2025. There you will find a full schedule of events in the Lounge. StaarCon 2024 ticket holders can view the recordings of the live events available at their ticket level.

You can still purchase a ticket to enter the lounge and participate in AfterGlow 2024. Visit the Tickets page to get yours.

StaarCon 5








StaarCon 5 Featured Speakers

StaarCon welcomes more than 50 speakers presenting a variety of topics!

StaarCon has a long history of featuring presentations from some of the most prominent tarot artists and influencers in the industry. This year, at StaarCon 5, we are excited to welcome Christiana Gaudet, Cardsy B, and Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD. as featured speakers.

The tradition of the intensive session started with our first StaarCon in 2021. That year, Christiana Gaudet led the conference with her intensive presentation, Operational Tarot. Marion Kirk, Peter Coe, Heather Gaffney-Darnell, and Gita Rash conduct this year’s intensives.

They will join the over 50 speakers at StaarCon 5 for more than 50 hours of information and entertainment.

Of course, those attending virtually can experience the presentations as they are streamed live from the conference center.

Check the agenda often as the schedule changes daily.


Christiana Gaudet is the host of StaarCon and was the first speaker to present at StaarCon 2021. She returns this year to present “The Universe Speaks in Verse: Exploring Connections Between Divination and Poetry.” Christiana is fascinated by poetry’s strong and historic presence in divination and magic. She is excited to share how playing with words can make us better diviners and connect us to universal energy.

A photograph of StaarCon 5 headliner Christiana Gaudet.


Cardsy B is a well-known deck designer, reader, author and wellness influencer and we are excited to have her present at StaarCon 5. Many know her from her award-winning Hex and the City podcast.

A photograph of StaarCon 5 presenter Cardsy B.


Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD, is not only an accomplished author and deck designer, but also a renowned neuroscientist. He is a familiar face at NWTS and Omega, and we feel extremely fortunate to have him present at StaarCon 5. His presentation, titled “Imagine Me and You: How Your Brain Deals with the Transaction Between Diviner and Querent During a Reading,” promises to be both fascinating and thought-provoking.

A photograph of StaarCon 5 headliner Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD.
Delta Hotels by Marriott West Palm Beach Conference area.
Delta Hotels by Marriott West Palm Beach Conference room.
Delta Hotels by Marriott West Palm Beach Conference area.

Attend StaarCon 5 In Person

As privileged attendees of the live event, you will have exclusive access to three full days of enriching content at the Delta by Marriott.

For your comfort and convenience, two rooms will have live presentations streamed on the user-friendly Accelevents platform.

The third room will be reserved for viewing live virtual presentations.

For those seeking a unique and transformative experience, a fourth room at the conference center will be dedicated to experiential presentations. These presentations, involving meditation and healing, will not be live-streamed. Instead, the teachers will share their wisdom through pre-recorded videos, creating beautiful experiences for in-person and virtual attendees.

This year, we feature a new Hospitality Room where attendees can meet our sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Look for big changes in the StaarCon Marketplace. This year, the vending area will be open to the public for the entire event. We aren’t sharing the vending area with speakers this year so the marketplace is available all day!

Early Bird Special: Use code STAARFAN5 at checkout and receive $25 off a full conference ticket!

Attend StaarCon 5 Virtually

Plan to attend virtually if you can’t visit West Palm Beach in person.

This will be our fifth year live streaming our conference on the Accelevents Conference Management platform.

Each person attending virtually can watch the speakers as they present live in West Palm Beach.

This year, we plan a special virtual-only track, as well as our two tracks streaming live from the conference center. Those attending in person will have a designated room where they can participate interactively on their personal devices with the virtual presentation shown on our large-screen monitors.

All ticket holders can participate in the virtual workshops held through the entire event. Visit the virtual exhibition hall and look for special discounts from our sponsors!

Early Bird Special: Use code STAARFAN5 at checkout and receive $25 off a full conference ticket!

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Maria Luisa Salazar en Espanol
Workshops on the Accelevents platform.
A lounge event StaarCon 2022.

Recorded Sessions

Each StaarCon 5 ticket holder will have a full year to watch the recorded live sessions available on the day or days they attend the conference.

AfterGlow 5

Every StaarCon 5 ticket holder will have access to year-long AfterGlow events where you can interact with other lovers of divination in the Accelevents Lounge.

A vendor's table from StaarCon 2022.
SoulTopia at StaarCon 2022.
Headliner Sasha Graham signs her book at StaarCon 2022.

The StaarCon 5 Marketplace

StaarCon 5 features a dedicated marketplace open to the public!

Thanks to the Delta by Marriott West Palm Beach for providing more space for our in-person exhibition hall.

This year we will have over 2200 square feet of exhibitor space.

Come and meet the speakers and exhibitors in the Marketplace!

TheStaarCon Marketplace will be open to the public from 10am to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Marieke Lexmond exhibts at StaarCon 2022.
4807 Sasha vending at the Marchetti table at StaarCon 2022.
Madam Adam at their table at StaarCon 2023.

The StaarCon Community

StaarCon is an exciting community that caters to divination experts, artists, and enthusiasts alike.

It’s a place where like-minded individuals can come together and exchange ideas, knowledge, and skills.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, StaarCon has something for everyone. Join the community today and discover the magic of divination!

An event at StaarCon 2022.
Belly Dancing at StaarCon 2024.


StaarCon 5 isn’t all study! Entertainment is planned every evening beginning with the opening ceremony Friday night.

Saturday Christine Leiser will host a Bardic circle.

Sunday is the closing ceremony.

These events are in the planning stage so check back often for the details.

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Be a StaarCon 5 Sponsor

Thanks again to our many sponsors who have helped support past StaarCon conferences. We couldn’t have made StaarCon the success it is today without them.

We are excited to announce that we are again accepting applications for StaarCon sponsorships.

This year, we will again offer your image in a revolving slideshow shown on the large-screen monitors at the three-day live event and on the revolving display on the virtual Accelevents website for an entire year.

A new and exclusive feature for StaarCon 5 is the StaarCon hospitality room. Sponsors can dedicate an entire room to their specific needs, providing a unique opportunity to showcase their brand. Consider coffee service or other catering to enhance our visitor’s experience. The hospitality room will be open to the public during the conference hours. Contact Christiana at cgaudet@staarcon.com for more information.

Our sponsors are the backbone of our success, and your StaarCon sponsorship not only helps us create a memorable experience for everyone but also provides you with a unique opportunity to enhance your brand image. We invite you to consider making a StaarCon 5 sponsorship commitment today!

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Changes, changes, and more changes for StaarCon 5!

This year, we offer a dedicated exhibition hall for our exhibitors. The 2200-square-foot StaarCon Marketplace will be open to the public during conference hours. 

In addition, exhibitors desiring to perform readings will have access to an area set aside in the pre-conference hall for that purpose. We will provide small tables and chairs on a first-come first-served basis.

Calling all artists! We invite you to submit your work for display on the monitor in the Marketplace. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your creativity with a wide audience. Please include a barcode or contact information for our attendees! There is no charge to submit your artwork. Contact Christiana for more information.

A collection of books and tarot decks by StaarCon 2023 presenters.
Vendors at StaarCon 2022.
The StaarCon virtual Expo on Accelevents.

Virtual Exhibitors

Every StaarCon 5 exhibitor will gain access to the Accelevents exhibition hall. Meet and network with StaarCon virtual attendees all year long!

Explore the virtual tools provided on the Accelevents portal.

This is a great way to participate if you can’t be in West Palm Beach for the conference.


If you are passionate about tarot and interested in presenting in person at StaarCon 5, we encourage you to contact Christiana.

She will be more than happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.

A photograph of StaarCon 5 presenter Marion Kirk.
Nancy Hendrickson presenting at StaarCon 2022
A virtual presenter at StaarCon.

Virtual Speakers

This year, we have a virtual-only track to accommodate those who wish to present at StaarCon 5 but can’t make it to West Palm Beach in person.

Every live virtual session will be available to each person attending in-person in a special room dedicated to the virtual track. There, you can watch the presentations on a large screen monitor and participate through high-speed wireless internet on your own device.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of StaarCon 5 from the comfort of your own home or office.

StaarCon 5 AfterGlow

StaarCon 5 will offer the AfterGlow feature once again, which will allow you to access recorded sessions for a full year after the event ends.

This means that you can watch any sessions you missed or review the ones you attended in person at your convenience.

Additionally, Accelevents lounge events will also be available throughout the year, hosted by our presenters and participants.

Pixie Arcana for StaarCon 5.

StaarCon 2024 Review by Benebell Wen

Are you curious to know what our StaarCon 2024 headliner Benebell Wen had to say about StaarCon 2024? Here is her review! 

Photo of StaarCon Presenter Benebell Wen