StaarCon is a Truly Hybrid Experience

StaarCon is the first hybrid multi-track tarot conference. We are exciting to offer this ground-breaking opportunity for learning and fellowship in these uncertain times.
For those who are attending in person, the good news is that the new Omicron variant is less severe, especially for those who follow recommendations.
For those who are unable to attend in person, the online experience will be truly immersive and enjoyable.
In person attendees will be able to view online presenters together, and ask questions and participate in the session, along with their online peers.
Online attendees will be able to view online and in person presenters and interact during the sessions.
We are excited to present a conference that is truly unique, appropriate for our current times, and growing toward the future.
If you do not yet have your ticket, please get it now! Email or call Christiana (561-655-1160) with any questions.

Water glasses and table setting

Sign Up for the Meal Plan

The StaarCon meal plan offers your choice of lunches, and the ability to participate in the Saturday evening banquet. We are serving plated meals in an outdoor poolside pavilion.
The restaurant at the DoubleTree will be open for breakfast but closed during the day.
The deadline for the meal plan is January 10, so sign up now and choose the meals you would like to enjoy at StaarCon!
To get your meal tickets, go to the ticketing page, log in, and scroll down to the meals!

Woman holding her phone and reading tarot cards

A Conference in Your Pocket

At StaarCon 2021, we discovered just how immersive and exciting an online conference can be! For StaarCon 2022, our event management platform, Accelevents, has launched an app for Android and iOS.
If you plan on attending StaarCon online, you can enjoy the presentations, the lounges, and the expo on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, or your phone.
Whether you are joining us in person or online, you can use Accelevents to connect with friends and navigate the conference.
During the thirty-day AfterGlow, you can watch presentations on your phone, at your convenience!
Download the Accelevents app now and see just how wonderful it can be to have a conference in your pocket!

Rachel Saturday Jan 22nd & Sasha Sunday Jan 23rd

Our Headliners

We have more than thirty wonderful presenters for StaarCon 2022. Some will be presenting from the DoubleTree in Palm Beach Gardens, others will be presenting from their homes.
We are very excited to welcome our two headliners, Rachel Pollack and Sasha Graham.
Both are well-known and well-loved in our community.
Rachel will be presenting from her home in New York State. Sasha will be joining us in Palm Beach Gardens. Both presentations will be expansive and exciting!
Rachel’s workshop will be about exploring our relationship to the cards, and what we do with them. Sasha’s workshop is entitled “Unleashing the Storyteller Within”.
StaarCon is all about expanding our divination journey. Our headliners, along with all our presenters, will help us do just that.

Gita Rash image on StaarCast

Catch up on StaarCast

Have you been following StaarCast, our podcast about StaarCon? Episodes are available in video on YouTube. You can download the audio wherever you catch your podcasts.
Our most recent episodes feature Jamie Sawyer and Gita Rash.

Three People Social Networking

StaarCon Social Networking

We have a private Facebook group called StaarCon Community where we do Study Buddy exercises, find ride shares, hotel roommates, and other conference and community related things.

We also have a home on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Please Like and Follow StaarCon, so you can stay connected with your conference friends all year long.