Join Us at StaarCon 2023!

Join Us at StaarCon 2023!

StaarCon 2023 is almost here! Do you have your ticket yet?

Hello Friends!

StaarCon 2023 is almost here! There is still time to get your ticket. You can join us in person or online. If you are planning on joining us in person in West Palm Beach, here are some things you need to know.

When you check in at the StaarCon registration desk in the conference center, you will get your StaarCon badge. If you show this badge at any of the hotel restaurants and bars you will get a 20% discount. You can also use this badge at any bar or restaurant at the nearby Tanger Outlets and get the same discount.

If you are driving to the hotel, put the zip code into your GPS system. There is a similar address on Palm Beach Island. The Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel is in West Palm Beach, right near the airport. The full address is 150 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406.

If you are flying into West Palm Beach, call the hotel at (561) 684-9400 ext. 0 to summon the free airport shuttle. Arrange the shuttle back to the airport at the front desk after you arrive.

The free shuttle goes to Rosemary Square in downtown West Palm Beach every two hours. We would like to arrange an excursion into West Palm Beach Thursday evening. Perhaps you would like to have dinner at Rosemary Square. Or perhaps you would like to attend Clematis by Night, West Palm Beach’s weekly live outdoor concert series. The Derek Mack Band will be playing high-energy Motown and R&B from five decades from 6 pm to 9 pm. If you choose to attend the concert, there are many food and beverage vendors for you to enjoy.

Whether you would like a quiet dinner in West Palm Beach or to attend the concert, let me know by texting me at 561-655-1160, or by commenting on the StaarCon Community Group on Facebook.

If you are attending on Friday and driving in, bring a yoga mat for the sound bath. If you are flying and have room in your suitcase, bring a beach towel to lie on instead.

Saturday is Tropical Vibes Day. If you like, wear something tropical themed!

We will once again have an exchange table, AKA the StaarCon Shiny Object Adoption Center. Bring any decks, books, crystals, etc. that need a new home. Check the table throughout the weekend to see if something there wants to come home with you!

Whether you are joining in person or online, make sure you log into Accelevents and set up your profile. You can use the Accelevents app or go to the website. Accelevents works best with Google Chrome.

If you are joining online only, remember to check out the lounges and the virtual exhibition hall. Accelevents offers a robust conference experience from the comfort of your home!

If you have any questions, please call or text me at 561-655-1160 or email me at cgaudet@staarcon.com.

Make sure you check out recent episodes of the StaarCast Variety Show on YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts.

We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend of learning, fun, growth, fellowship, and exploration with you.


StaarCast Variety Show Episode 5 banner.

Episode 5 of the StaarCast Variety Show

Jen Sankey joins us to discuss Davide Bowie, divination, and her upcoming StaarCon presentation. When she tells us that we are all made of stardust, and that we can divine all the things, she helps us find the magic within ourselves.

You can watch the StaarCast Variety Show on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite podcast platform. Wherever you watch or list, please hit Like, subscribe, and leave a comment!

Don’t Miss the StaarCon 2023 AfterGlow!

Don’t Miss the StaarCon 2023 AfterGlow!

Join Us at StaarCon 2023

StaarCon 2023 will be January 20 through January 22, with a thirty-day online ‘AfterGlow’ experience following the conference.

You can attend StaarCon for one day, two days, or all three days. You can join us in person in West Palm Beach, or online on the Accelevents Event Management Platform.

StaarCon 2023 features over forty presenters. There will be presentations for those just learning tarot, and for those who are tarot professionals and aspiring professionals. Tarot enthusiasts will have opportunities to deepen their skills and their practice, and to spend time with like-minded people.

At StaarCon 2023 you can also learn about Lenormand and other divination techniques. We will have presentations on astrology, magic, crystals, and mediumship.

We are excited to offer a sound bath prior to our opening ceremony, as a way of setting our intentions for the conference.

Most of our presenters will be joining us in person in West Palm Beach. If you choose to come to West Palm Beach you will enjoy the resort-style accommodations of the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel, as well as the ability to meet our community luminaries in person.

Since StaarCon is a hybrid experience, we recommend bringing a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the sessions to interact with online attendees and presenters as well.

If you join us from home, you will be amazed at how immersive, robust, and interactive the online conference is.

Of course, with four tracks and more than forty presenters, you will have to choose which presentations to attend. One of the great things about the hybrid conference is that recordings of each presentation become available online immediately after the presentation concludes.

This year our ceremonies will be recorded as well as our presentations.

Please make a plan to be part of StaarCon 2023, and get your tickets now.

Birgit Kiemes-Windmill presents Horary Astrology at StaarCon 2022.

The StaarCon AfterGlow

During the thirty days that follow StaarCon, you will have the opportunity to watch recordings of the presentations you missed, and to review the presentations you loved. We call this thirty-day period the ‘StaarCon AfterGlow’.

During the AfterGlow the online conference platform remains active. You can interact with your fellow conference attendees in the StaarCon lounges, and shop in the online Exhibition Hall. You can watch presentations with your friends and interact in the chat sessions. You can video chat with your StaarCon friends one-on-one without ever leaving the Accelevents platform.

During the AfterGlow we will have scheduled events in the StaarCon lounges. These will include a presentation on Animal Communication with Mitchell Osborn, and Dream Interpretation with Gita Rash. Christiana Gaudet will present her favorite tarot spread. You can also expect a lounge event with Maria Alviz Hernando, and a few other offerings from our community members.

StaarCon is the only hybrid tarot and divination conference in the world, and the only three-day conference that lasts for thirty days online.

The StaarCon 2022 Lounge presentations on the Accelevents website.
The StaarCast Variety Episode 3 banner.

Episode 3 of the StaarCast Variety Show

Episode 3 of the StaarCast Variety Show features an interview with Maria Alviz Hernando, a panel discussion about reading tarot for yourself, Marion Kirk’s Tarot Conference Survival Guide, and much more.

You can watch the StaarCast Variety Show on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite podcast platform. Wherever you watch or list, please hit Like, subscribe, and leave a comment!

Don’t Miss the StaarCon 2023 AfterGlow!

Join Us at StaarCon 2023

StaarCon 2023 will be January 20 through 22, with a thirty-day AfterGlow on Accelevents.

StaarCon is a hybrid conference. Here is how that works.

You can choose to attend in person or online-only.

Our in-person conference will be held at Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel in West Palm Beach. As an in-person attendee, you will also have a log-in for Accelevents Event Management Platform. You will be able to interact with online attendees while you are experiencing the benefits of the in-person conference experience. You will have access to the AfterGlow where you can watch recordings of the presentations you missed, review the presentations you loved, meet with friends in the lounges, attend scheduled lounge events, and shop in the online exhibition hall for thirty days after the conference ends.

During the time you are in West Palm Beach, you can avail yourself of the resort hotel experience provided by the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel and have the advantage of spending time with your favorite tarot and divination teachers, authors, and artists, most of whom are planning to present in person. You will be able to share classes, meals and beverages with your tarot friends, old and new.

If you choose an online-only ticket, you can attend the conference from the comfort of your home. You will enjoy the first-class immersive and robust experience offered by Accelevents. You can spend time with tarot friends in the online lounges and interact with online and in-person attendees and presenters in the session chats.

When the conference ends, you will enjoy the thirty-day AfterGlow will all your fellow attendees.

You can choose to attend for one, two, or all three days of the conference, either online or in person. Create the conference experience that is right for you.

Tickets are limited and are available now. We will look forward to learning, growing, experiencing and being in community with you in January!

A collection of books and tarot decks by StaarCon 2023 presenters.

Explore New Topics at StaarCon 2023

StaarCon has always been committed to presenting a wide variety of topics of interest to the tarot community. StaarCon 2023 will offer presentations of interest to tarot enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner to professional. There will be classes on professional development that will help you solve the practical problems of being a professional diviner. There will be classes that will help you begin a brand new spiritual practice.

There will be presentations on Lenormand, mediumship, astrology, healing, and magic.

There are four intensive presentations on Friday, and four tracks of presentations on Saturday and Sunday.

Come to StaarCon 2023 ready to deepen your knowledge of your favorite topics and add something completely new to your toolbox!

Ciro Marchetti's booth at StaarCon 2022.

Exhibitors and Sponsors Welcome

If you would like to exhibit and sell your merchandise at StaarCon, you can be an online exhibitor, or an in-person exhibitor. All in-person exhibitors will also have online booths. Learn more about being a StaarCon exhibitor on our website. Please email with any questions.

There are many ways that you can support StaarCon as a sponsor. Please look at the sponsor packages online. Reach out if you have questions or would like to offer a different sort of sponsorship. We are open to your ideas!

The StaarCast Variety Show banner for episode 2.

The StaarCast Variety Show

Episode 2 of the StaarCast Variety show is available on our YouTube channel, StaarCast.

In this episode you will meet Mercedes Vasquez, who will be presenting at StaarCon 2023. You will also enjoy StaarCon 2023 presenters Beverly Frable, Michelle Welch, and Amber Highland as they answer a tarot topics question posed by Frank Kwiatkowski. You will learn a tarot technique from Christiana Gaudet and play a tarot card guessing game with members of our community.

A special treat comes from StaarCon 2023 presenter Gita Rash. Gita teaches us about Nadi Astrology, and shares and her own pendulum technique with us.

The StaarCast Variety Show will soon be available as a podcast, so look for it wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

StaarCon 2023 Tickets on Sale Now!

StaarCon 2023 Tickets on Sale Now!

StaarCon 2023 will be January 20 through January 22, with a 30-day AfterGlow on Accelevents following the conference. You will be able to buy tickets for a single day, two days, or all three days. Recordings of all the classes will be available online during the AfterGlow.

Plan to join us at our new location in West Palm Beach. Or you can join us from the comfort of your home on Accelevents. Either way, we are confident that StaarCon 2023 will be a fabulous experience for all!

In 2023 we are keeping our commitment to our four mission statements. We will offer a wide scope of topics, we will honor our artists, we will offer high-quality educational opportunities, and we will create opportunities for fellowship.

Tickets are available now. Mark your calendar, get your ticket, and get ready for a wonderful weekend of learning, growth, fellowship, and fun!

Accelevents Logo

A Hybrid Conference

We are working to make StaarCon 2023 an amazing hybrid experience. If you come to StaarCon in person in West Palm Beach, you may bring a laptop or tablet to classes so you can easily interact with the online attendees and presenters in the chatrooms.

Most of our presenters will be in person in West Palm Beach. A few presenters will be presenting remotely. We have upgraded our videography capabilities, so we expect the in-person and online attendees will enjoy the presentations without technical issues.

Online attendees will be able to gather with their fellow conference-goers in the lounges, to shop in the online exhibition hall, and to arrange video chats with one another.

All attendees, whether in person or online, will enjoy the thirty-day AfterGlow on Accelevents. You can watch recordings of the classes you missed and the classes you loved. You can socialize with your StaarCon friends, and you can attend special scheduled live lounge presentations. The AfterGlow is included in your ticket price.

We are happy to work with the Accelevents Event Management Platform once again to bring you a wonderful conference experience whether you plan to join us in person in West Palm Beach or from the comfort of your home.

Aerial view of the Palm Beach Airport Hilton pool area

A Resort Hotel

StaarCon 2023 has a new in-person venue! We will be holding our conference at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel in West Palm Beach.

This is a resort-style hotel with three restaurants and a lake-side tiki-bar. Our StaarCon schedule will be packed with great educational offerings. Yet, we will give you plenty of free time to allow you to soak up the sun, relax in the hot tub or soak in the pool.

We have reserved a block of rooms for our in-person guests. When you stay at the Hilton you will receive a 20% discount on your food and beverages.

The conference center at the Palm Beach Airport Hilton is lovely and comfortable.

If you fly into Palm Beach International Airport you can take the free shuttle to the hotel.

StaarCon is happy to partner with the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel to make sure you have a great conference experience, and a wonderful guest experience.
If you are planning to come in person, get your hotel reservations now. Early sales enthusiasm suggest that we will sell out completely.

Headliners Mary Greer and Sheila Hite

Our StaarCon 2023 Headliners

We are very excited to announce our headliners for StaarCon 2023. Each headliner will give ninety-presentation, one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday afternoon. Both presenters plan to be with us in person in West Palm Beach.

Mary K. Greer has been studying and reading Tarot for the past 50 years. She is the author of eleven books on tarot and on magic.

Mary travels the world teaching Tarot and Lenormand cartomancy.

In 2007, Mary received the International Tarot Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Tarot Studies and is a research partner in Le Tarot Associazione Culturale (Italy). She also received the 2006 Mercury Award from the Mary Redman Foundation for “excellence in communication in the metaphysical field,” and the 2006 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) award for best divination book.

Sheilaa L Hite, C.Ht., CLC, is a world-renowned master tarot consultant and astrologer. She is also an instructor, Intuitive, and author. Sheilaa is featured in Paulette Cooper’s book, The 100 Top Psychics in America. Her books include Secrets of a Psychic Counselor, The Intuitive Tarot– the Essential Guide for Connecting to the All-Knowing Source, 101 Tarot Spreads, and 101 Tarot Spreads by 20 Tarot Masters, and The Spiritual Hedonist.

As a media consultant, author and Intuitive, she has been featured on television in such programs as Entertainment Tonight, American Movie Classics, E! Television and NBC’s groundbreaking, “The Other Side”.

We are proud and excited to welcome Mary and Sheilaa to StaarCon 2023.

StaarCon 2023 presenter Dame Darcy

Presenters and Exhibitors

We are looking forward to bringing you exciting presenters and exhibitors, both in person and online. Author T. Susan Chang, Artist Dame Darcy, Author Mark Horn, tarot professional Jen Sankey, Tik Tok sensation Madam Adam, and trance medium Mercedes Vasquez are all committed to present in person at StaarCon 2023.

Keep an eye on the StaarCon website to see all the great presenters who will make StaarCon 2023 the best hybrid international tarot and divination conference ever.

We will have exhibitors in person and online. If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor at StaarCon, fill out the form on the StaarCon website.

StaarCon presenters Mitchell Osborn, Nancy Hendrickson and Ciro Marchetti

Friday Intensives

For StaarCon 2023 we are offering several intensive classes on Friday, January 20, rather than a day-long with a single instructor. On Friday morning author Nancy Hendrickson will be presenting an immersive and interactive class entitled “Digging up the Royals”. Learn how to do ancestor work with the tarot Court cards.

Friday morning you also have an opportunity to learn to read Lenormand cards with Brenda Elizabeth, the creator of Lady Lenormand divination decks.

Chose the intensive you want to attend and watch the other during the AfterGlow.

In the afternoon tarot artist Ciro Marchetti will present a fascinating intensive about artificial intelligence and tarot reading. Think there is not a connection there? Ciro will change your mind.

Amie Emberharte will present an afternoon intensive on using the Major Arcana of tarot for personal healing.

Friday evening we will enjoy a sound bath with Jenny Stafford of Resonant Sound Healing. Bring your tarot cards and set your intentions for your experience at StaarCon.

After a short opening ceremony our evening entertainment will be Tarot Improv with Mitchell Osborn.

Then, join us at the tiki bar, or, if you are attending online, in the lounge on Accelevents.

Check Out the StaarCast Variety Show!

StaarCast, our podcast and YouTube show, is back with a twist. The StaarCast Variety Show, hosted by Frank Kwiatkowski and Christiana Gaudet, offers new spreads, games, deck reviews, interviews, and more. Find it on the StaarCast channel on YouTube!