“The Nodes: Exploring The Themes of Your Life” by Anthony Perotta

“The Nodes: Exploring The Themes of Your Life” by Anthony Perotta

“The Nodes: Exploring The Themes of Your Life” by Anthony Perotta

Sadly, Anthony was unable to attend StaarCon 2024.

Have you ever felt stuck in life, unsure of what your purpose is or where you should be heading? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle to understand the themes of our lives and how they connect to our souls. That’s where Anthony Perotta comes in. As a practicing astrologer with over a decade of experience, he has developed a deep understanding of astrology and how it can help us unlock our true potential.

Anthony is the creator and editor of his own magazine called The AstroEdit, and he runs an astrology business where he specializes in making abstract concepts more tangible. With a background in fashion and interior design, he has blended his passions into his work, creating intersections of art, design, fashion, dreamwork, and poetry with astrology.

In 2024, Anthony will be presenting “The Nodes: Exploring The Themes of Your Life” at StaarCon. The North and South Nodes are celestial points that can be hard to understand, as they are not planets or luminaries. However, they can reveal a lot about us. They represent the themes of our lives and tell the story of our souls.

In this presentation, Anthony will take a closer look at what the North and South Nodes are and how to understand their energies in our daily lives. He will explore the themes, ideas, karmic ties, and potential incarnations, and teach us how to identify them in our own birth charts. This understanding can help us unlock our true potential and lead us to a more fulfilling life.

Don’t miss this chance to meet and learn from Anthony Perotta at StaarCon 2024. Whether you’re new to astrology or a seasoned practitioner, his insights are sure to inspire and enlighten. Join us for a journey of self-discovery and unlock the themes of your life.

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Meet StaarCon 2024 Speaker Emilie Muñiz

Meet StaarCon 2024 Speaker Emilie Muñiz

Meet StaarCon 2024 Speaker Emilie Muñiz

Discovering the world of tarot is a fascinating journey, and for Emilie Muñiz, it was love at first sight. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Emilie found her passion for tarot when she was just a teenager, and it has been her lifelong companion ever since. Her love for the tarot has only grown with each passing year, and she has now been a professional tarot reader for over two decades.

Emilie has taught tarot reading to countless students, and her skills have made her a respected name in the world of divination. Apart from tarot, she also works with other systems such as Puerto Rican-style coffee cup readings, oracle cards, and Puerto Rican Espiritismo.

Emilie’s latest offering, Simplicity Lenormand, is a unique attempt to simplify the mysterious yet oddly familiar Lenormand system of divination. It is designed to make learning Lenormand easy and fun for students of all levels. With Emilie’s guidance, anyone can now understand the Lenormand system and master the art of divination.

Emilie’s Simplicity Tarot and Simplicity Lenormand are not just decks of cards, but a reflection of her deep understanding and passion for the art of divination. Her decks are designed to be intuitive, helpful, and insightful, and they have helped countless people gain clarity and insight into their lives.

If you are looking to explore the world of divination, Emilie’s decks are an excellent place to start. Her decades of experience and expertise make her an ideal guide to learn from. With her guidance, you can unlock the secrets of the tarot and Lenormand and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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Dame Darcy Returns to StaarCon with Her Independent Tarot Decks

Dame Darcy Returns to StaarCon with Her Independent Tarot Decks

Dame Darcy Returns to StaarCon with Her Independent Tarot Decks

StaarCon is excited to welcome back renowned artist, author, and deck designer Dame Darcy. Last year, she gave a presentation on “Independent Publishing Tarot Decks,” where she shared her insights and experiences with self-publishing and distributing tarot artwork, books, and decks. 

Dame Darcy is a versatile artist with many talents in alternative cartooning, fine arts, music, cabaret performance, and animation/filmmaking. She is also an accomplished tarot reader and independent publisher. Her unique style and creativity have earned her a devoted following of fans and admirers of her work.

Some of her original tarot decks, such as “Mermaid,” “Witchy Cat,” and “Queen Alice,” have become popular among tarot enthusiasts. Her decks are known for their beautiful artwork, unique themes, and rich symbolism. Each deck is truly a work of art that serves as a tool for divination and a source of inspiration and creativity.

If you’re a fan of tarot or just interested in learning more about independent publishing, you will want to attend Dame Darcy’s presentation at StaarCon 2024. Her passion, knowledge, and experience will inspire and enlighten you, and you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for the art of tarot and the power of independent publishing.

So please mark your calendars and get ready to join us at StaarCon 2024 to learn from the best in the industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

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