Join me in this practical session and get ready to get your hands dirty! Exvotes have been created for millenia for protection, fertility, abundance, good fortune and healing among other purposes, and during the first portion of the session, we will learn about what they are, what they can be used for, and how they can aid you in your magical practice, petitions or healing requests, and then... Then we’ll jump into action and make our own! Because the best way to learn something new is doing it! In person attendees: I will provide clay and other materials for this session, but it is recommended to bring a little container with you so that you can take your exvote with you (and let it set and dry). Online attendees: You will need to provide your own supplies. The basic is clay, whether the classic brown clay or the white one, depending on how much of a mess you're willing to make. Stay away from fimo or similar for these because some of these are later buried and we don't want to bury plastic derivatives! Optional: your preferred herbs to use for your goal, and a candle.