For centuries the tool of tarot has been delivered via cards with printed imagery, each containing scenes, characters, patterns, and symbols to serve as visual devices to communicate their meaning. But their true potential is realized when those images are transformed in the mind of each individual reader. This symbiotic duet between designer and reader is what provides the real magic and infinite possibilities. But now there is a third participant to the dance.

Session 1: I will use various cards to demonstrate the creative balance between established traditional representations and personal directions, in order to achieve new imagery that embraces more contemporary social values and circumstances.

Session 2: I will also be showing segments from various animation projects that incorporate brief additional dimensions of time to what were previously static printed images of frozen instances. The purpose of these segments is for relaxation, meditative preparations for a reading, and also for general reference to various tarot associations.

Session 3: The introduction of a new dance partner in the form of AI, artificial intelligence. AI will, like it or not, have a profound effect on the creative and production process, commercial repercussions, and no doubt also raise some interesting discussions within the community regarding the spiritual considerations of using such decks.

To better understand the significance, I will demonstrate the basic process behind the production of such imagery and be giving away to the in-person attendees sample signed prints of what may well be the very first samples of what will be an interesting, questionable, but inevitable future.

We will end with an open discussion regarding AI, where we can share our views, enthusiasm, or concerns, regarding its significance.