Which StaarCon Ticket is Right for You?

Which StaarCon Ticket is Right for You?

Which StaarCon Ticket is Right for You?

There are a few things to consider when choosing your StaarCon ticket. First, of course, is whether you will be attending in person in Palm Beach Gardens, or online only.

When you visit the ticketing site, you will see that we have one option that, at $50, is extremely affordable. This is the Three of Cups option, which gives you a General Admission ticket.

The General Admission ticket, whether online or in person, allows you access to the exhibitors. The General Admission ticket also allows you access to the Public Track of classes.

Here are some FAQs about the Public Track.

What is the Public Track?

The Public Track is our name for the track of classes that is accessible with the low-cost “Three of Cups” General Admission ticket. The General Admission ticket can be purchased for $50. The General Admission Ticket is also included, as a courtesy, with all the single-day tickets.

Which presenters are on the Public Track?

The schedule is subject to change without notice. As the schedule now stands, the following presenters are on the Public Track: Birgit Kiemes-Windmill (Horary Astrology), Amie Mouser (Healing with the Suit of Cups), Frank Kwiatkowski (The Beatles and Tarot), Ciro Marchetti (The Art of Visual Communication), Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (How We Create Spiritual Power Tools), Serena Fox (Tarot Movement and the Tarot Dance), Vicki Santell (Creating Ritual with Tarot), Michelle Barrie (Mediumship with Lenormand), Claire Lily (Tarot for Families), Lisa Hunt (Spirit Drawing), Amber Highland (Writing for The Cartomancer), Rose Robinson (Spreads and Spells with the Major Arcana).

Can I take classes that aren’t on the Public Track with the General Admission ($50) ticket?

No. To be able to choose your classes, and/or have access to all the classes, you need a higher ticket level.

Are there single day tickets available?

Yes. You can buy a ticket for the preconference intensive only, or only for Saturday and Sunday. As a courtesy, these tickets also include the General Admission ticket, so you will also have access to the Public Track classes on the days that are excluded from the single day ticket you purchased.

Please note: The General Admission ticket and Public track was available at StaarCon 2021 and 2022. This ticket level was discontinued at StaarCon 2023.

Sasha Graham and Christiana on StaarCast

StaarCon Headliner Sasha Graham on StaarCast

We are so excited that Sasha Graham is a headliner for StaarCon 2022.

Sasha Graham is an actor, a tarot author and teacher, and a tarot deck designer. In this episode of StaarCon we learn about her life journey, and all the ways in which tarot has become a part of it.

As a theatrical person born on Halloween, Sasha likes things that are spooky and mysterious. She finds power in creating moods, scenes, and atmospheres that feel magical.

We are looking forward to seeing her magic in action at StaarCon.

Watch the interview on YouTube.

Get the podcast from your favorite podcast catcher, like Google Podcast, Spotify, or Apple Podcast.

Learn more about Sasha Graham on her website. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Two Women at Home Looking at Tarot Cards

The Accelevents Conference Experience

If you are attending StaarCon online, you will take your classes, shop in the online exhibition hall, and meet your friends in the online lounges, all on Accelevents.

This year, there is an app for Android and iOS that will allow you to take the conference with you if you are on the go.

If you are attending StaarCon in person, you will use Accelevents to navigate the conference, choose your classes, and communicate with your in-person conference friends as well as your online conference friends.

Whether you are attending online or in person, you will use Accelevents for the thirty-day StaarCon AfterGlow.

Accelevents has a handy chat help deck to handle any of your questions about how to use the platform and get the most from StaarCon.

A Woman Looking at Tarot Cards and Using Her Computer

The StaarCon AfterGlow

Whether you attend in person or online you will have access to recordings of all the classes included in your ticket for thirty days on the Accelevents platform.

If you have a full conference ticket, for example, you will be able to watch all the classes in all the tracks. Review the classes you loved and catch up on the classes you missed.

We will also have scheduled live events in the online lounges.

During the StaarCon AfterGlow you can continue to shop in the online exhibition hall and meet privately with your friends via video chat or in the lounges.

StaarCon is a three-day conference, but it is also a thirty-day learning experience.

StaarShine Scholarship Banner

The StaarShine Scholarship Fund

Although the Public Track is a very affordable way to attend StaarCon, serious students want the full conference and the opportunity to experience the more than thirty presentations.

For students who cannot afford this ticket we have the StaarShine Scholarship Fund.

If you have a student or friend whom you would like to nominate for a scholarship, please reach out. Your donations to the fund allow worthy students to get the very best in tarot and divination education.

People Social Networking

Join us on Social Media

We have a private Facebook group called StaarCon Community where we do Study Buddy exercises, find ride shares, hotel roommates, and other conference and community related things.

We also have a home on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Please Like and Follow StaarCon, so you can stay connected with your conference friends all year long.


Join us for a Tarot Conference Like No Other

Join us for a Tarot Conference Like No Other

Join us for a Tarot Conference Like No Other

Every tarot conference is fantastic; I’ve never been to a bad one.

Yet, right now, no one has ever before done what StaarCon is doing.

StaarCon will be a hybrid multi-track tarot conference.

We are using Accelevents, a conferencing platform that will allow online conference-goers an immersive and robust experience. In-person conference attendees can use the brand-new Accelevents app to navigate their conference experience.

In person attendees will enjoy the beauty and the grandeur of the Doubletree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

All attendees, whether in person or online, will have access to the thirty-day StaarCon Afterglow on the Accelevents platform. This allows you to watch recorded classes, meet in spontaneous video chat sessions one-on-one or in groups, attend pre-scheduled video events, and shop the online exhibitor hall.

StaarCon begins January 21 and runs through January 23. The Afterglow begins as soon as the conference ends.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking and life-changing event!



StaarCon Headliners Rachel Pollack and Sasha Graham

While the agenda is still in development, you can see what an outstanding array of speakers, topics, and activities StaarCon has to offer. We have headliners Sasha Graham and Rachel Pollack, and more than thirty artists, authors, and teachers who will be giving classes.

You can also familiarize yourself with the Accelevents platform and choose the classes you which to attend in person or watch live.

Remember that recordings of classes within your ticket level will be available to you for thirty days after the conferences ends.

Tarot Cards and Laptop in Use

Get Your Tickets Now

Ticket prices range from $50 to $425, so there is a ticket for everyone! It is important to buy your ticket as quickly as possible, especially if you are planning to attend in person.

If you are attending in person, you also have the opportunity to participate in the StaarCon meal plan. Scroll to the bottom of the ticketing options to choose your meals.


Fred West and Christiana Gaudet on StaarCast

New Episode of StaarCast Now Available

Did you know that there is a podcast devoted entirely to the celebration of StaarCon? Join us almost every week in the lead-up to StaarCon and enjoy conversations between Christiana Gaudet and our fabulous StaarCon presenters.

You can subscribe to StaarCon wherever you get your podcasts, or watch them in video form on YouTube.

The most recent episode of StaarCast is “We are Oracles” with Fred West. At StaarCon, Fred will be presenting a deeper dive into tarot birth pairs. In his conversation with Christiana, they discover that they both began their tarot journey at around the same time, some thirty years ago.

What ensues is a thought-provoking conversation about the nature of tarot, and of divination.

Fred West has been a life-long student of Tarot since it literally fell into his lap in the early 80s.  Fred has 40 years of experience being a reader. He loves to share the wisdom he’s gained along the way.  Fred’s approach to being an Oracle is down-to-earth, fun, and action oriented. He’s a community leader behind Tarot Beyond Borders, providing a monthly social for fellow Oracles.

Catch this episode on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or wherever you catch your podcasts.

Follow Fred on Facebook and Instagram.


Person Using a Smart Phone

Join us on Social Media

We have a private Facebook group called StaarCon Community where we do Study Buddy exercises, find ride shares, hotel roommates, and other conference and community related things.

We also have a home on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Please Like and Follow StaarCon, so you can stay connected with your conference friends all year long.


See You in January!

See You in January!

StaarCon 2022 Headline


We are so excited that you are presenting and/or vending at StaarCon 2022. It is hard to believe that StaarCon will be here in just a few months. We are in the process of collecting ads and submissions for the StaarCon program with a bit of a tight deadline. Please read this short newsletter to find out ways that you can be included in our very first StaarCon program!

We are grateful to our volunteer editor, Serena Fox, for her talent, and her willingness to help us with this project.
I will be reaching out again shortly with more information to help you prepare for StaarCon 2022.

Woman holding a megaphone

Your Free Ad in the StaarCon 2021 Program

One perk we are happy to give you for being a presenter and/or vendor at StaarCon 2022 is a free color ad in our print and online program.

We would like to have your ad by December 1. Your ad must be horizontal, and its dimensions are (in inches)  3.6944 (width) x 2.2882 (height).  Please send your ad to Serena Fox (serenafox@gmavt.net). If you need help designing your ad, reach out to Serena by email.

View of the pool at the DoubleTree

Tickets, Meals and Hotel

Whether you are joining us in person or online, I will register you on the Accelevents platform. You will receive your vendor or presenter ticket in your email. If you are joining us in person, you may want to purchase meals as well.

Go to the StaarCon ticketing site to purchase meals from the Add-ons section.

When it is time to check out you will be asked to give your name and email. Use the email address at which you have received this message. If you have already logged in, this step will not be necessary.

If you have any trouble getting on to Accelevents or getting your meal tickets, email me, or give me a call or text at 561-655-1160.

If you have not yet reserved your hotel, use this link for the StaarCon discount!

Hand holding quill pen, candle and tarot cards

Share Something in Our Program!

Do you have a short article, poem, or piece of artwork you would like to share in our program? Since StaarCon focuses on the creativity of divination, we would love to feature your creativity!

Simply send your article, poem, story, or artwork to me, cgaudet@staarcon.office.cardandcraft.net, by December First.

The Star and Six of Pentacles tarot cards

StaarCon Sponsorships

Would you like to be a StaarCon sponsor? StaarCon sponsors receive a mention on our website, an ad in the print and online program, and a banner in the online lobby on Accelevents. You can sponsor StaarCon at one of three levels. The level you choose determines the size of your ad and banner. Sponsorship levels are large, $125, medium $100, or small $75.

If you would like to become a sponsor, or know someone who would, please email me at cgaudet@staarcon.office.cardandcraft.net.