Bring your favorite cards, runes, crystals, charms, photos, and an intention or two you would like to manifest in your life. Amie Mouser will share information on Luna’s cycles and how to connect your intentions with the flow of the Goddess to amplify the manifesting power always present in your life. The magick she shares will be eclectic, drawing from various traditions and practices. Those new to Moon Magick as well as those who have been practicing for years will find new and inspiring ways to harness the power of the moon and connect with the Goddess. This season is moderated by Ryan Mouser. This interactive class will include information and experience creating altars using divination tools as well as magickal and mundane items. Amie has created Manifesting by the Light of the Moon Concoctions, a booklet for your use going forward which will include some of her favorite and most successful creations. Come learn, share your experiences, and amplify the power of your connection with our beautiful moon.