All-Day Divining – Using the Tarot to Practice and Play to Create a Divine Work/Life Balance

Presented by V.

Moderated by Isaac Mouser

Tarot is a sacred tool for connecting with our higher self, our guides, and our ancestors to help bring clarity to our lives. But what if we transformed this tool to one of play? Using the Tarot to “play all day” can help to break us out of old patterns, create new “happiness habits”, and role-play our way into a happy balance of work and life. This session is moderated by Isaac Mouser.

The Magic of Connection: Using Divination to Transmute Unwanted Energy Instead of Running From It

Presented by Michelle Welch

Living a spiritually attuned life can come with challenges. This presentation will introduce ways to use divination tools to transform harsh energies so you can become a grounded source of love and light. Learn how empathic abilities can help you heal your inner wounds while staying connected to your community. Michelle Welch will show you how to work with the energies that connect all people, and instead of cutting energetic cords, you will learn to transmute challenging energies in ways that support your personal spiritual journey.

Styles of Tarot

Presented by Beverly Frable

Moderated by Isaac Mouser

This workshop will compare and contrast the three major tarot styles: Tarot de Marseille: The first known tarot deck dating back to the 15th century; Rider Waite Smith: The deck that influenced the majority of all tarot decks available today; Thoth: Offers astrological and kabalistic attributes, Egyptian symbolism and occult references. Join us for a high-level introduction to each and decide which styles work for you!

Manifesting by the Light of the Moon

Presented by Amie Emberharte

Bring your favorite cards, runes, crystals, charms, photos, and an intention or two you would like to manifest in your life. Amie Mouser will share information on Luna’s cycles and how to connect your intentions with the flow of the Goddess to amplify the manifesting power always present in your life. The magick she shares will be eclectic, drawing from various traditions and practices. Those new to Moon Magick as well as those who have been practicing for years will find new and inspiring ways to harness the power of the moon and connect with the Goddess. This season is moderated by Ryan Mouser. This interactive class will include information and experience creating altars using divination tools as well as magickal and mundane items. Amie has created Manifesting by the Light of the Moon Concoctions, a booklet for your use going forward which will include some of her favorite and most successful creations. Come learn, share your experiences, and amplify the power of your connection with our beautiful moon.

Astrology Basics for Tarot Readers

Presented by Mary Ellen Collins

Moderated by

Add some star shine to your tarot readings by learning how to recognize the astrological references found in your tarot deck. In addition to their classic meanings, every tarot card also has an astrological correspondence. This workshop will familiarize you with the specific correspondences for the cards in the major arcana. We will also introduce basic building blocks for reading astrology charts by looking at zodiac signs, planets, and houses. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to learn more about astrology in the future!

Shamanism and the Tarot

Presented by Benebell Wen

Moderated by Amie Emberharte

This will start as a study of how shamanism has been practiced throughout history and by various world cultures, though first, we’ll draw the distinction between a shaman and having a shamanistic experience. We’ll then discuss application of core concepts by the modern-day tarot reader. I’ll share my perspective on using a tarot deck to detect spirit presence in a room and what that means in more rationalist, psychology-based terms. We’ll also explore methods for channeling a spirit with the tarot as our tool. This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

Dancing with Angels – The Art of Oracle “Word Tango”

Presented by Reverend Kevin Lee

Moderated by Isaac Mouser

Kevin will share ways both new and seasoned readers can begin a “new dance” with their clients. This begins the moment of advertising intuitive sessions through to the booking process. It continues even as you greet them, and certainly as you begin your higher dialogue of intuitive inner experiences, and how they parallel the images, colors, shapes and more on each card. Readings are not only about informing the client what needs to be shared but also about our listening to the responsive words your client shares with you. You are in a spiritual tango and you must lead your partner while sensing their capability of understanding what you are hoping to share.

The Great Epic: The Mahabarata Oracle

Presented by Gita Rash

Moderated by Kate Mura

A walk-through of one of the oldest, greatest written epics that provided the inspiration for the creation for this oracle deck, “The Mahabharata Oracle”. The extraordinary tale of human foibles, emotions and actions was the perfect backdrop to re-create the meanings in a more simple format, which can guide and help us navigate through our own lives. These archetypes are present in all of us, we have only to look within and recognize that we are all a part of the macrocosm of this universe. The wide spectrum of emotions, dualities, miracles, philosophy, spirituality, etc. present in characters ranging from the colorful to the bizarre weave this fascinating story. Providing profound messages, the wisdom we can glean from this story is a master lesson in life.

Bindrunes: Rune Sigils for Today

Presented by John Hijatt

The ancient writing system of Runes was used throughout the Germanic and Scandinavian lands from the 2nd to the 11th centuries. They have been revived in modern times for use in magickal and divination use as part of a Germanic-based spirituality (Heathenism/Asatru). Bindrunes unite the energies of individual Runes as a sigil for magickal talismans/purposes as part of your spiritual journey. This workshop will introduce you to bindrunes and provide tools to create a bindrune (during the workshop) to aid you in setting your intentions into the universe. Previous rune knowledge is helpful but not required. We will work with the Elder Futhark Runes.