The tarot deck, taken as a whole, represents the individual and each card some parrt of us; the 9 of Swords our despair, the 3 of Pentacles our productivity, etc. etc.  The tarot deck is also alive with traditional correspondences – elements, numbers, zodiacal and planetary associations.  

For example, airy swords are the elemental opposite of earthy pentacles.  So… if the 9 of Swords is an airy card, can we counter it with its earthy opposite number, the 9 of Pentacles?  Can we find a remedy for despair in the solitary works of beauty found in the 9 of Pentacles?

In this presentation, we’ll explore how we can bring together these two modes of interpretation, the qualitative and the esoteric, to design our own magical formulas for self-transformation and become the physicians of our own souls.