Presented by Beth Conklin

This workshop will give you an opportunity to look at your life and see who your animal guides are, and how they have helped you. You'll also discover where they are leading you, and how to listen for their guidance.

Presented by Erika Robinson

There is more to divination than listing sets of keywords. Learn how to combine divination systems respectfully by allowing each oracle to have its say in the conversation according to its own language. For this class, please bring at least two different divination systems with you so you can practice what you learn.


You've read the books. You do the work, and you're confident in your divination abilities. But when you're caught off-guard, and your usual references are out of reach, what do you do? Come learn how Christine Cunningham Ashworth took what she learned from her brother Scott, among others, and made it work - her way. Learn how to trust your studied knowledge and apply your skills when you're on your own.

Presented by T. Susan Chang

The tarot deck, taken as a whole, represents the individual and each card some parrt of us; the 9 of Swords our despair, the 3 of Pentacles our productivity, etc. etc.  The tarot deck is also alive with traditional correspondences - elements, numbers, zodiacal and planetary associations.  

For example, airy swords are the elemental opposite of earthy pentacles.  So... if the 9 of Swords is an airy card, can we counter it with its earthy opposite number, the 9 of Pentacles?  Can we find a remedy for despair in the solitary works of beauty found in the 9 of Pentacles?

In this presentation, we'll explore how we can bring together these two modes of interpretation, the qualitative and the esoteric, to design our own magical formulas for self-transformation and become the physicians of our own souls.

Presented by Benebell Wen

This is a nuts and bolts foundational primer on the advent of occult tarot, who the key players were, and how esotericism popularized during 18th century France continues to influence occultism in tarot today. We’ll be covering the implications of esoteric teachings hidden in plain sight and the five key influences in occult tarot architecture: Hermeticism, Pythagorean mysticism, Hellenistic Astrology, Renaissance Alchemy, and the Kabbalah. We’ll then explore how these five influences converge through the lenses of Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry, lending themselves to the esoteric tarot designs of modern history.

Presented by Stacey Williams-Ng

The tarot has been re-interpreted hundreds of times in order to provide new and increasingly unique ways for readers to connect with its imagery. In this presentation, award-winning card designer Stacey Williams-Ng walks us through her process in creating an entirely unique tarot, one that draws upon the stories embedded in American music to represent the arcana. How might a multi-card spread be even more specific (or even risk being a little off-base) when the images get re-imagined within tight themes?
This is going to be a fun and interactive presentation that not only pulls back the veil on the artist's process but invites the readers in the audience to consider the ways that thematic tarot decks can provide eye-opening and fresh readings.

Presented by Kamille Barnes

What are Gris-Gris Bags? How are they used? In fact, how is "Gris-Gris" even pronounced? Unveil the mysteries of this powerful spiritual amulet in a hands-on class with Mam’zelle Kamille. Join us to create your own Gris-Gris Bag while immersing yourself in the colorful history, traditional practices, and empowering personal blessings of this New Orleans spiritual staple.

Presented by Christine Leiser

Join your host, Christine Leiser, in the Bardic Circle. (Bring a drink from the bar if you like). Bring a story, poem, skit, game, song, or dance to share with the group. Don't forget to bring your clapping hands, stomping feet, and singing voices. Come, be entertained, and entertain each other in reverence and mirth. Share your energy, and have a great time in the circle.

Presented by Michelle Barrie

Join Michelle Barrie as she takes you on a transformative exploration through a Past Life Regression and Interlife experience, delving into the depths of your soul's history.   Michelle will guide you on a journey through the Hallway of Mirrors to meet the many versions of you, and then you'll visit the Interlife, where your Soul goes between lives. This immersive journey is designed to help you uncover the profound connections and patterns influencing your present life.  Gain insights into issues, unexplained fears, and attractions to help bring clarity, understanding, and healing to your current life.

Presented by Marion Kirk

In this fascinating presentation, Marion will walk you through the 4s in the tarot and show how each of them shows up in helping us to navigate and gain understanding in times of loss and grief.

Bring the tarot deck you are most comfortable using.

Presented by Dame Darcy

In the current marketplace, how does one decide on a design theme for a tarot deck? 
What are some ideas to take into consideration? 

With so many people outside of the community trying to cash in on Tarot these days, how can an independently made tarot deck stand out in a sea of commercial corporate-made decks? 

What goes into a deck’s design,  and what are some of the characteristics, like paper weight, layout and special features that help to make it unique and different from other designs in the marketplace? 

Designers Pleasant and Dame Darcy discuss our journey in Tarot deck design and the things we considered and encountered when creating our series of highly popular Tarot decks. 

Dame Darcy Pleasant Publishing are design consultants who work with partners to realize your tarot deck vision. 

We are available to help you design & produce your tarot deck and books. 

Presented by Dionne C. Monsanto

How to Win at Life: Gamifying Spiritual Growth" revolutionizes the perspective on work and play, challenging the belief that all four-letter words are negative. This interactive master class harmoniously integrates work and play in personal development. Breaking down the perceived opposition between "work" and "play," the class invites participants to explore how both are crucial to spiritual growth.

Using the transformative "52 Weeks INjoy" decks as bridges between the serious and joyous aspects of life, the session redefines work as a journey of self-discovery and improvement. Similarly, play is presented not just as leisure but as a powerful tool for introspection and healing. Participants are encouraged to view their inner child as a guide, not a hindrance, using the deck as a conduit for playful self-exploration. Embrace the positive side of four-letter words, integrate work and play, and embark on a journey toward a more balanced, fulfilling life. Join us for an inspiring session that unlocks the potential for joy, growth, and a deeper connection with your higher self.

Presented by Bonnie Isham Willis

In this session, you will perform a tarot spread using the twelve houses of the zodiac. This strengthens your skills as a tarot reader and as an astrologer.

Presented by Jen Sankey

Join me on this enchanting journey through the ages as we explore the captivating world of the Fae! We will delve into the rich tapestry of Fae legends and lore. I will offer practical insights on incorporating their magick into your daily practice.

Discover the essence of the Fae, learn effective ways to work with these playful beings, and uncover the secrets to fostering a harmonious relationship. I'll share personal stories, and we'll embark on a guided visualization to meet your fairy guide. We will also explore a mystical tarot spread to help define your Fae practice. Join me in this magickal adventure, where history meets everyday enchantment in the dance with the Fae.


Feeling blocked? You may need to unblock and redirect your energy flow!

Learn about the Universal energy field, the human energy field and how holistic interventions can balance body (physiological), mind (psychological) and spirit (metaphysical/spiritual) to correct the flow of energy, facilitate healing and achieve improved health.

Presented by Madam Adam

Join Madam Adam for a practical and modern take on the minor arcana of tarot. Learn how to get to the practical, base meaning of a card with confidence. 

Presented by Peter Coe

Learn about the Pleiades, and perform a new tarot spread inspired by this unique star cluster.

The Pleiades layout will offer a solution to your question.

The workshop will briefly introduce the Pleiades from mythology to starseeds, followed by a nine-card layout where each of the named stars gives insight into your question.

Presented by Erich Landstrom

Let’s play a game together. Join Erich for some tarot fun.

If you know movies and tarot, you might win the game.

Presented by Arwen Lynch-Poe

Come join Arwen for cocktails! No, there will not be alcohol, but you are welcome to indulge later in the bar if you so choose.

Have you dreamt of writing that book? Maybe not the NGAN (Next Great American Novel), but the kind of story YOU want to read? Bring your cards, your notebook, and a pen (unless you possess an eidetic memory) to learn at least one new way of meeting your characters. If we have time, we will practice a second method. Regardless, you will have all the information on the handout.

One thing is certain. Characters are the blood of any story. If the reader doesn't like the character, they will not finish the book. (Insert VOICE OF DOOOOOM!) Let Arwen show you how to create a character who will leap off the pages of your story. Even villains need backstory. This deceptively simple spread can be used for any character including that baker down the street from where your main character works.

Presented by Karen Winkel

In this class, we’ll start with general concepts of manifesting, then move on to using the moon’s phases and astrological signs to generate power and focus toward your specific manifestations.  We’ll cover how to create a manifestation altar with tarot cards, crystals, candles, and symbolic tokens to further focus energy on creation of the desired outcome.  Practical examples of common manifestations will guide you in applying the information after class.  Come learn how to be a master manifester!

Presented by Amie Emberharte

How can the cards help you during difficult times? Join Amie for an open discussion about using the cards to help us when times are tough.

Presented by Kate Mura

Can it take some time for you to really get into the flow of readings?

Do you sometimes find it challenging to let querent's energies go and find them sticking to you? Especially after that session where you doubt what came through for whatever reasons.

This is a class for you!

My favorite acting warm-ups are also FANTASTIC for tarot readers. It never occurred to me that other diviners might not shake out, roll their spines, loosen their jaws, and warm up before and after sessions to release any lingering energies that aren’t yours or helpful for you. An open channel for speaking and singing is the same unencumbered pathway needed for giving clear readings. So today, we'll explore an intersection of theater and tarot, the open channel of your spine. You'll walk away with a deeper knowledge of your body and tools to come back into alignment, able to be an open channel.

Presented by Catiara Marie

In this workshop, Catiara will teach you a few different methods of reading reversed cards.  She will explain her beliefs and philosophies surrounding reversed cards.

She will challenge you to look at the cards differently and teach you how to read both the upright and reversed meanings, sometimes at the same time, regardless of the position/orientation of the card.

Catiara will instruct and encourage you to develop and trust your intuition to interpret the cards accordingly.

Presented by Lara van Zuydam

In this class, we will penetrate the glamour of the so-called left-hand magical path and unpack - at a granular level - some of the implications of and risks associated with consciously choosing to work with black magic (whether through divination, vision work, astrology, or ritual) within the current human epoch.

Presented by Joe Monteleone

Can you feel the heat? The Thoth deck is spicy (to say the least). This class will offer you tools to begin reading one of the most complex tarot traditions.