The physical realm presents us with vast opportunities for spiritual growth. The traditional imagery found in the Smith Waite system of Tarot offers us countless opportunities to ponder physical concepts such as standing in our authority, moving stuck energy, breaking free from limiting situations, and the need to protect and defend ourselves (physically, mentally, and spiritually). Drawing upon principles and techniques found in Martial Arts, we will compare physical concepts with the spiritual lessons of Tarot, allowing you to see the cards through a new lens. For example, in Martial Arts, we learn a “right” way to fall to protect our head and bones from damage. Rest assured, you will not be asked actually to fall in this class, but understanding the physical mechanics behind this technique can bring a fresh sense of empowerment to the daunting energy of the Tower card. In this class, we will liberate the sense of discomfort associated with some of the most difficult cards in Tarot by applying Martial Arts techniques used in real-world situations and engaging in active physical learning suitable for all abilities.

Expect a lively mix of metaphorical discussion, demonstrations with props, and active student participation in this class. You will also leave with a few newfound self-defense skills under your belt. This physical journey through the Tarot will empower your Tarot practice for you and your clients!

*ALL are invited! This class incorporates a few active yet straightforward movements that can be executed from a standing position, accommodating all fitness levels. Participants are encouraged to try the physical movements, but those who prefer to sit and observe are equally welcome!