Do you struggle to wrap your brain around how to read tarot more organically? Does your analytical brain get in the way of tapping into your inner voice? Does the word “psychic” make you feel uneasy? Do you ever feel like you’re just not “that type” of tarot reader? You’re not alone. I spent years trying to reconcile my deep desire to intellectualize how tarot works with the often unexplainable experiences I had working with the cards. Eventually, I realized intuition exists in the liminal space between what is logical or explainable and what defies explanation.

In this workshop, we’ll explore this liminal space together while I encourage you to explore what happens when you spend less time overthinking and more time trusting your instincts. I’ll also share my favorite technique for dipping your toes into intuitive tarot reading in a way that appeases your more analytical side. I designed this method to be simple, accessible, and repeatable so that you can focus on improving your ability to read intuitively in a practical way. If that sounds good to you, I hope you’ll join me. See you there!