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January 21st through 23rd, 2022

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Erika Robinson

Reiki Master, Lenormand Reader & Teacher

Harlem, NYC raised, and Harvard educated, Erika Hageman Robinson’s life has taught her to welcome what is around every corner. While desegregating a private school for girls in 1964 at the age of 8, Erika learned that a good command of language was the best arrow in her quiver to bring adversaries either to her side or to their knees.

At Harvard, Erika parlayed her love of words into an A.B. in English Language and Literature.  Feeling that she had been called to the Episcopal priesthood, Erika received a Master of Divinity Degree. The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts was less sure that they were ready for her to be a priest, and that led to yet another 90-degree turn, and stints as Assistant Director of Admissions at Saint Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, Princeton University, and Columbia University.

Around yet another corner were marriage, motherhood, and a thirty-year teaching career.  There are turns within turns, and after her husband’s death in 2008, Erika discovered that there are also worlds beyond worlds. Now a Reiki Master teacher, Erika is a reader and teacher of Lenormand, whose thirty-six words combine in infinite ways to guide and warn, comfort, and heal.

For several years, Erika read at Earth Spirit New Age Center in Red Bank, New Jersey. Currently, she reads several times a month at Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness Center in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, and both teaches and reads via Zoom, phone, and email. Erika has been a speaker at Reader’s Studio in New York City, and has been featured at several World Divination Association conferences. Her writing can be found in Cartomancer Magazine, for which she is a regular columnist.

Erica will be present The Erika Lenormand Reading: The Writer’s Spread at StaarCon 2022.


The Erika Lenormand Reading: The Writer’s Spread

In my class, you will learn my 23 card Erika Lenormand Spread. A kind of stripped-down Grand Tableau on a single area of concern. You will learn how to use any card in the Lenormand deck as a significator in this spread which has as its base, the traditional line of 5 cards. You will learn to think in a nearly literary way as you lay the rest of the cards, so that you come away from the reading feeling as if you have been shown a tale with an actual story arc. The tale will include the nature of a particular issue and how it arose in the first place. It will elaborate on what the likely outcome will be and provide guidance and support for how to bend the outcome if it is malleable, and how to resign oneself to the fact and heal from any pain if it is not. This spread unerringly provides a reading which is linear and straightforward even as it is rounded and nuanced. I promise that you will come away from the class as much poet and storyteller as counselor and reader, and that this spread will be a great addition to your divining repertoire.