Sympathetic Magic and the ‘Hard’ Cards or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tower!

Presented by T. Susan Chang

As experienced and evolved tarot readers, we know that no card is truly “good” or “bad,” right? And yet we still might flinch a bit when we draw the Tower or the 10 of Swords or the 5 of Pentacles for ourselves or a client. How can we confront these fears and embrace the gifts of these and other challenging cards? In this presentation, we’ll discuss how to meet these cards on their own territory through observation and tracking; and—more importantly—how to work with them magically and invite them to co-exist with us in constructive ways.

I Was, I Am, I Will Be– Past Lives, Destiny, & the Tarot Part 1

I Was, I Am, I Will Be– Past Lives, Destiny, & the Tarot

Presented by Sheilaa Hite

Headliner Sheilaa Hite will explore using the tarot to examine past lives, clarify present lives, and forecast future lives. In this presentation, you’ll learn what to look out for and how to interpret the various combinations, cards, and spreads that inform, clarify, and forecast the arc of a person’s journey through many lifetimes, thus allowing them to more adeptly direct their destiny.

This is part 1 of a 2 part presentation.

I Was, I Am, I Will Be– Past Lives, Destiny, & the Tarot Part 2

I Was, I Am, I Will Be– Past Lives, Destiny, & the Tarot

Presented by Sheilaa Hite

Headliner Sheilaa Hite will explore using the tarot to examine past lives, clarify present lives, and forecast future lives. In this presentation, you’ll learn what to look out for and how to interpret the various combinations, cards, and spreads that inform, clarify, and forecast the arc of a person’s journey through many lifetimes, thus allowing them to more adeptly direct their destiny.

This is part 2 of a 2 part presentation.

Saturday Psychic Sampler Live

Presented by Christiana Gaudet

Bring your questions, Christiana will supply the answers! Enjoy a fast-paced, fun-filled psychic gallery session with Christiana Gaudet. As ‘Your Tarot Fairy Godmother’, Christiana spends time most Saturday afternoons answering the specific questions of her YouTube channel viewers. At StaarCon, you can enjoy Christiana’s special brand of psychic tarot wisdom as she reads for you and your conference friends, in person and online.

Cartomancy for Magical Manifestation

Presented by Silver Raven

​EVERYONE has tried and mostly succeeded at manifesting something, regardless of  they are a Witch, Tarot reader, walkers of a spiritual path or none of the above. You wished or prayed for a specific outcome

Most here have used Cartomancy to assist with manifestations, for example, as a Tarot Spell.

Many here have done Magic to manifest something, for example, a prosperity or protection spell.

I am here to tell you how combining both Cartomancy and Magic can give you fierce focus on how to totally transform your life.

Please bring a Tarot deck (or two!)

Tarot as Entertainment: Parties, Live Events, & Working with Agents

Presented by Amy Forman

Most people believe that a career as a tarot reader looks like a full calendar of private one-on-one readings with some online content to educate seekers and drive business traffic.

This is a fantastic way to set up shop but listen up! Professional tarot readers can significantly increase their earning potential by offering tarot parties and live-event services. This requires an additional set of skills in your tarot toolbox.

Join Amy Forman for this information-packed workshop. Amy, a master of the live events world, will be sharing her insights and top tips.

You will learn how to communicate with agents and clients to get more bookings. You will learn to advocate for your comforts and preferences on the job.

Amy will also cover topics such as costuming, themed events, payment and fees, and the differences between party readings and hour-long in-depth sessions.

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn the energy work needed for sustaining longer events, rapidly shifting from one person to the next, and protecting yourself from or recovering from psychic burnout.

New Year Mantra Managed

Presented by Kristine Gorman

This ever-evolving workshop gathers new pixie dust with each group that embraces it & it’s the New Year!! 

As the creatrix of this live action held space-it changes every time. I use my tarot cards and my own intuition to create the focus and the questions for each group.It is a workshop divined for you to divine the messages tucked under the surface and around the corner…in a very surprising way. All levels welcome. All you need is the willingness to be open to your own magical abilities-this can be the very thing you need to see, hear, feel, something you do not already know! Fabulous! 

Don’t Fear the Retrograde

Presented by Marion Kirk

Moderated by Christiana Gaudet

With the surge in popularity of Astrology in recent years, one word arguably more than any other has gained infamy and that is “Retrograde”. We could blame trickster planet Mercury for the fear around this astro phenomenon.

In this presentation Marion will explain how planetary retrogrades are, despite the “bad press”, actually an excellent time that should be embraced as an opportunity for personal introspection and growth.

Chart your Course for the Aquarian Season

Presented by Peter Coe

The sun will enter the zodiac sign of Aquarius on January 21, during StaarCon.  In this workshop you will learn the mythology associated with the Sign of Aquarius.

Then you will perform an original tarot/oracle spread using a six-card layout corresponding to the star pattern of the Aquarius constellation. As you perform this spread you will discover the hopes, wishes, passions, challenges, setbacks, and outcomes you may encounter during this Aquarian season and beyond.

This workshop will give you practice performing and interpreting a positioned tarot spread. You will also learn about the nature of Aquarius. You will gather the information you need to make the most of this special season.

Natal Astrology combined with Horary Astrology

Presented by Birgit Kiemes-Windmill

Natal Astrology gives us information about our self, our strengths, and skills. It helps us in vocational questions, to find the right path out of a crisis.

Horary Astrology gives us more detailed information, which job offer to take, when will we find prince charming, when to have a party.

Birgit will guide you through a chart where the techniques work hand in hand and give us priceless information.

Automagical Manifestation

Presented by Tikashi Denour Lacoste

Get Ready to Light Up Your Path to Abundance!

In this program you will learn a comprehensive approach on how to incorporate manifestation techniques into your life on a daily basis.  In order to manifest your dreams you must live in a state of true manifestation.

Learning and applying the laws and methods of manifestation can be quite overwhelming  which is why the Automagical Manifestation Program will help you break down several methods of creating abundance and prosperity in your life.

We will cover a lot of material, providing the opportunity for the right bit of information to emerge that lights your path to an abundance awakening.

We will explore creating sacred spaces, how to find the tools that work for the Unique You, and how to ascend to a level where manifesting your best life happens automagically.

Tarot and the Realization of Personal Victories in 2023

Presented by Hattie Parker

Introducing VIBE 432

VIBE 432 is a system inspired by the magic, mystery and profound insightful value gleaned from Tarot. It involves using a small set of specially designed divination cards to assess and gain insights that are then used to support and uplift the energy field of the person consulting the cards. Its purpose is to offer guidance for enhancing effectiveness and success related to any and all circumstances. It can be utilized for self-guided readings and/or for the benefit of clients and people seeking divination inspired guidance.

The name VIBE 432 relates to the ambient sound Vibration 432 hz.  This tone is attributed to be the sound and energetic frequency of love, healing, OM and any related energetic forces of supreme well-being. There is substantial scientific and anecdotal evidence to support the efficacy of this claim. The name VIBE 432 contains the secrets of this tool’s meaning and purpose. VIBE is an acronym for “Visionary Victory through Insight and Breakthrough Energy”. The number 432 in numerology adds to a total of 9 (4 + 3 + 2 = 9). The #9 is a number associated with completion and wholeness. The cards are designed to help people succeed through gaining enhanced wholeness.

Hattie is the creator and a founding partner in the nonprofit organization Vibration 432, Inc., that is committed to promoting healing. In this workshop she will demonstrate and guide participants in how to use the VIBE 432 system for personal and professional purposes. To facilitate a workshop hands-on demonstration we will use selected cards from a regular Tarot deck. If you want to participate in this activity please bring a deck of Tarot cards to the session.

Lenormand Meet & Greet Workshop

Presented by Michelle Barrie

Come make new friends in this fun and enlightening workshop while you learn to do a reading using the Lenormand divination system.  Imagine asking your cards. “Tell me something about my new friend,” and being able to look at your spread and have the cards provide information you could not have known.

The Lenormand system is known for its incredible accuracy, on-point descriptive abilities, clarity, and simplicity. It can literally describe your personality, tell us what you do for work, describe your state of mind and health and more.

If you are joining us in person and do not have a deck, no worries, we will have extras to lend you.

A Lenormand interpretation cheat sheet will be provided for all attendees, both in person and online.

Mapping the Tarot

Presented by Arwen Lynch-Poe

Join Arwen for an interactive session with your deck. Sometimes you get a card as the final answer that makes no sense. By mapping the card, you will find a way to dive just a little deeper into the card. Haven’t you ever wanted to just fling your hands up crying, “I don’t know what this means?” Well, beginning readers to experienced ones have all been there. It’s a universal truth that everyone hits a brick wall sometimes. It’s like writer’s block, but Tarot. So make sure you come ready to learn a new way of getting more out of your cards. Bring your deck, your notebook, your pen, and your open mind.

Introduction to the Tarot of the Greek Magical Papyri

Presented by Jason Augustus Newcomb

Jason Augustus Newcomb, the designer of the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM for short) Tarot will discuss practical uses for this amazing deck. The art is based on ancient Greek pottery, late antiquity magical gems and the talismans of the PGM. It is very much a “magical” Tarot with more than 40 talismans from the PGM incorporated into the deck. Unlike most modern Tarot creations it is not really oriented around Qabalah or the Rider-Waite model, but is instead much more directly related to Pythagorean and Platonic philosophy and a chthonic magical journey. In this class I will teach several spells that can be conducted using the cards of the PGM Tarot that incorporate ancient spells and modern techniques, as well as his visionary tools for connecting with the spirits represented in the deck.

Tips for Creating an Interesting and Useful Deck Review

Presented by Amber Highland

Up For Review

Excited by a deck recently released from your favorite publisher? Want to share your latest tarot or oracle deck crush with everyone? In “Up for Review”, Amber Highland reveals tips to formulating interesting and useful cartomancy deck reviews. The information presented will help you to develop your unique perspective into concise and clear language suitable for publication or social media presentation.

Reading with the Sacred Mysteries Chakra Card Deck

Presented by Victor Daniels

​If you’re a Tarot reader, you can probably do chakra readings with the Sacred Mysteries Chakra Oracle deck. These beautiful cards, illustrated by a world-class artist in the Indian classical tradition, are accompanied by a deeply insightful book that provides an orientation to each chakra and offers thoughts, feelings, physical connections, and awareness and spiritual insights for each card. “I was a little uneasy doing a chakra reading since all I’ve ever read is tarot cards,” said one person after giving her first chakra reading, “but the stunning imagery and card titles, and the outstanding book that comes with the deck, allowed me to slide right into them.” The book’s wealth of insights can even inform your readings with Tarot cards.

This presentation describes the chakra essentials in ways that draw from the spiritual traditions of India and a from contemporary Western psychology.