Erika Robinson

Lenormandist & Author

Erika Robinson is a noted Lenormand reader as well as the author of an upcoming book that details her unique approach to Lenormand.

Erika loves bringing comfort and counsel to others through her reading of the cards. For her, understanding the language of Lenormand requires a willingness to see with an internal gaze.

Panel Discussion: Creativity, Magick, and Divination

Creation and magick are closely intertwined. A basic definition of magick is when it is performed to convey a specific desire and produce results using techniques that employ the supernatural, forces of nature, or a connection to Spirit. It’s essentially built on intention. Just as a writer, magician, witch, or spellcaster uses intention, focus, and rituals; the creative does the same in a form of ‘art’ magick. This magick speaks to our innate nature as makers and creatives. Creating is a powerful way to lead to discovery, creativity, healing, and spiritual connection.

Your panel facilitator is Nancy Hendrickson. Panelists include Stacey Williams-Ng, Erika Robinson, and Larie Trenkelbach.

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