Use the tools of tarot, magic, meditation, and art to activate powerful healing. During this hands-and hearts-on immersive workshop intensive we will uncover the transformative power within each of tarot’s Major Arcana cards. We’ll explore creative ways to proactively embrace healing for the Self, others, and beyond. This eclectic and holistic experience is designed to set greater wellness into motion and provides insights and practices for the ever-growing toolbox of beginner and advanced practitioners.

Art supplies provided for on-site participants.

Please bring:

The Major Arcana cards from two tarot decks

Note taking items

A cushion or blanket for your meditation comfort if possible.

Virtual participants:

A quiet, private space is optimal as there will be guided meditation time.

Please have handy:

A large piece of blank paper

Markers, pencils, crayons, or other colorful writing tool (digital art is an option too)

Glue and collaging materials of your choice–this is good use for any damaged or missing-cards tarot deck.