Introducing VIBE 432

VIBE 432 is a system inspired by the magic, mystery and profound insightful value gleaned from Tarot. It involves using a small set of specially designed divination cards to assess and gain insights that are then used to support and uplift the energy field of the person consulting the cards. Its purpose is to offer guidance for enhancing effectiveness and success related to any and all circumstances. It can be utilized for self-guided readings and/or for the benefit of clients and people seeking divination inspired guidance.

The name VIBE 432 relates to the ambient sound Vibration 432 hz.  This tone is attributed to be the sound and energetic frequency of love, healing, OM and any related energetic forces of supreme well-being. There is substantial scientific and anecdotal evidence to support the efficacy of this claim. The name VIBE 432 contains the secrets of this tool’s meaning and purpose. VIBE is an acronym for “Visionary Victory through Insight and Breakthrough Energy”. The number 432 in numerology adds to a total of 9 (4 + 3 + 2 = 9). The #9 is a number associated with completion and wholeness. The cards are designed to help people succeed through gaining enhanced wholeness.

Hattie is the creator and a founding partner in the nonprofit organization Vibration 432, Inc., that is committed to promoting healing. In this workshop she will demonstrate and guide participants in how to use the VIBE 432 system for personal and professional purposes. To facilitate a workshop hands-on demonstration we will use selected cards from a regular Tarot deck. If you want to participate in this activity please bring a deck of Tarot cards to the session.