The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn recreated the tarot deck as a Kabbalistic tool to seek Divine connection through a practice of deep self-examination. The Waite-Smith deck was specifically designed for each card to correspond with teachings encoded on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. However, they never taught (at least publicly) how to use the tarot in a Kabbalistic ritual to connect with the Divine within.

This workshop will introduce you practical Kabbalah—which means you’ll learn key concepts that you will be able to use daily, without any complicated, abstract, or abstruse philosophy. You’ll learn how the structure of the deck and the meanings of each card are rooted in the meanings of their positions on the Tree of Life. And you’ll learn the basics of a traditional Kabbalistic ritual—the practice of Counting the Omer—so you can forge your own personal connection to the Divine and so you can enrich your tarot readings with greater spiritual depth.