The Forest and the Tree: Enhance your Tarot Readings by Observing Patterns, Presence and Absence

Presented by Maria Alvíz Hernando

The cards on your table show an intricate landscape of the situation that your querent is going through. Get past rigid, card-by-card interpretations to unveil the richness of detail and meaning hidden in the patterns of your draw. In this class, you will learn tips and techniques to see the full picture and add layers of meaning to your readings, threading the cards together to form round and sound predictions that your querents can relate to.

Principles and Ethics in Professional Tarot Reading

Presented by Jason Augustus Newcomb

Jason Augustus Newcomb has been reading Tarot professionally in a wide variety of settings for over thirty years. In this lecture and discussion, he will share a wealth of advice on the practicalities of developing your Tarot business, as well as how to offer consultations that uplift your clients even if there are signs of trouble on the horizon (The Tower, The Nine of Swords etc.).

Having worked in the industry most of his life he has had the frequent experience of a new client coming to him after having been belittled, terrified or emotionally scarred by the careless statements of another reader. He is going to share a few simple “dos and don’ts” that will help your serve your clients so you can be be the best reader possiblefrom a client-centered perspective.

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood: Accessing, Healing and Loving Your Inner Child with Tarot

Presented by Vicki Santell

Your Inner Child is the beautiful, innocent, intuitive, fun-filled little being who just wants to create, play, and use imagination. Yet somewhere along the way the Little One felt a need to be an adult before being ready. We will explore the Inner Child using easy tarot spreads. We will also the other members of the Inner Family; the Inner Teenager, and the Critic. Out of that tarot exploration into the subconscious we will create a Loving Parent to guide, nurture, and encourage our Inner Child to be free again!

Evergreen Content Strategy for Tarot Readers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Presented by Sue Ellis-Saller

​Tarot readers and spiritual entrepreneurs often feel stuck or overwhelmed by the thought of creating a content and marketing plan. We’re luckier than many niches, though, because the work we do is exciting, interesting, and easy to use for evergreen content strategies.

This presentation will help tarot readers understand how to create and share content that is not only timeless, but also attracts a larger audience AND leads to more sales.

ASTROLOGY OF 2023, Using Divine Timing with Major Elemental Shifts

Presented by Tara Greene

This workshop empowers you to understand how to work with cosmic energies to your best advantage.

Two HUGE planetary changes start in March 2023. “As above, so below” is the Hermetic Maxim. How will these transits impact you? Knowledge is power, Timing is everything. Astrology is Divine Timing and Divine knowledge.

Saturn, planet of reality, testing, time, obstacles, maturity, tradition, career, building, enters WATER sign, Pisces, #18, The MOON, March 7 until 2026. The 12th Zodiac sign governs spirituality, psychics, dreams, addictions, empathy, mental illness, karma, viruses, debts, and endings.

PLUTO, yes still a planet in Tropical and Human Design Astrology, Underworld Lord of Death, wealth, sex, rebirth, power, secrets, soul, the Collective Unconscious, enters AIR sign AQUARIUS, #17 The STAR on 3/23/23 for the first time in 245 years. From 2024-2044 Pluto stays in AQUARIUS, a hi-tech, digital, virtual, detached, revolutionary, freedom, nonhierarchical, groupthink, higher consciousness, human sign.

Looking forwards to have you join me.

Sigils: Their Magic, Their Meanings and Their Manipulations

Presented by Callie L. French

A look at the famous King Solomons Keys and witches’ symbols – Peek behind the curtain of woo-woo magick misinformation on what a sigil is and what it’s actually meant to do. Want to encourage abundance? How about increasing your divination abilities?  There are ancient sigils for change, pleasure and yes, love. Create your own unique sigil and learn how to invoke its power through the gates required! Bring your favorite divination device: Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle or Runes and a willingness to create magick.

Strega Strategy

Presented by Teri Salomoni

Learn ways to add traditional Italian magic to your divination practice. In this workshop you will learn to invoke your psychic potential at the beginning of a reading. You will learn to empower your clients with magic, creating amulets and talismans to help them create the life of their dreams.

Crystal Mediumship

Presented by Mercedes Vasquez

Have you ever wondered if you could connect with your guides and loved ones in spirit?  Want to receive messages but not sure how? Develop your mediumship using crystals.  Mercedes will help guide you using crystals and other techniques. Together you will practice working with energy and crystals to connect with the spirit realm, receive messages from your guides and even learn to read for others.

Bring your own crystals or one will be provided for you.

2023 VII The Chariot – Leading the Reins of Change

Presented by Katrina Wynne, M. A.

Welcome to 2023!! Hold onto your hats for 2023 is charging forward!

Numerologically represented by Major Key VII The Chariot, this will be a wild ride with Katrina Wynne, the quintessential Chariot Tarot card being, who is chompin’ at the bit to deliver its messages and meaning to you so you can go the distance this year.

From the danger of being run over by life, to the will to push through borders and barriers as an agent of change, the shear energy of this image exemplar will get you moving forward. What a fantastic way to prepare for the challenges and opportunities appearing in 2023!

Bring more than one Tarot deck and pull out VI The Lovers, VII The Chariot, VIII Justice AND Strength, and XVI The Tower. You’ll enjoy the PowerPoint presentation with many versions of the Chariot card from Katrina’s extensive collection. All levels of Tarot experience are welcome!

Secrets of High Earning Tarot Readers

Presented by Grace Calas

Are you holding yourself back from financial success? Learn the surprising strategies that successful life coaches and tarot card readers use to increase their odds toward a higher income.

Hear the simple truths that most successful life coaches and tarot card readers learned the hard way—and discover effective methods for inspiration, balance, and motivation for those who aspire to earn more in a world where vivid spirituality conjoins with a desired livelihood.

In Secrets of High Earning Tarot Readers, Grace Calas, tarot deck designer, reiki-master, coaching executive, and CEO at identifies the key strategies of high earners.