How to Win at Life: Gamifying Spiritual Growth” revolutionizes the perspective on work and play, challenging the belief that all four-letter words are negative. This interactive master class harmoniously integrates work and play in personal development. Breaking down the perceived opposition between “work” and “play,” the class invites participants to explore how both are crucial to spiritual growth.

Using the transformative “52 Weeks INjoy” decks as bridges between the serious and joyous aspects of life, the session redefines work as a journey of self-discovery and improvement. Similarly, play is presented not just as leisure but as a powerful tool for introspection and healing. Participants are encouraged to view their inner child as a guide, not a hindrance, using the deck as a conduit for playful self-exploration. Embrace the positive side of four-letter words, integrate work and play, and embark on a journey toward a more balanced, fulfilling life. Join us for an inspiring session that unlocks the potential for joy, growth, and a deeper connection with your higher self.