Come join Arwen for cocktails! No, there will not be alcohol, but you are welcome to indulge later in the bar if you so choose.

Have you dreamt of writing that book? Maybe not the NGAN (Next Great American Novel), but the kind of story YOU want to read? Bring your cards, your notebook, and a pen (unless you possess an eidetic memory) to learn at least one new way of meeting your characters. If we have time, we will practice a second method. Regardless, you will have all the information on the handout.

One thing is certain. Characters are the blood of any story. If the reader doesn’t like the character, they will not finish the book. (Insert VOICE OF DOOOOOM!) Let Arwen show you how to create a character who will leap off the pages of your story. Even villains need backstory. This deceptively simple spread can be used for any character including that baker down the street from where your main character works.