Past Life Regression – Lessons Learned and Purpose Served – Group Hypnosis Session

Presented by Jennie Sikes

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery through a group Past Life Regression session. In this hypnosis session, guided by Jennie, we will connect with your higher self and delve into another lifetime you have lived, uncovering lessons learned and purposes served. With trust and openness, you’ll emerge refreshed and deeply connected to your inner truth, carrying newfound clarity and insight into your current life.

Sacred Vibrations

Presented by Aerik Arkadian

What do didgeridoos, frame drums, shakers, and singing bowls have in common? They’re all fun and require zero training to play. Let’s make some noise and tap into the sacred vibrations that connect us all. Come as you are and experiment with what’s in the room or bring your own favorite ritual instrument. Dance if you like. Or just hang out and listen. Remote attendees will be shown a video overview that explains different instruments, their history, the sounds they make, and how they can be incorporated into ritual.

Quiet and Calm Track events are not streamed live and are not recorded. Virtual attendees can view a recorded presentation on the topic.