Kimberly Scheurer

Psychic Medium, Diviner

Kimberly Scheurer is the Medium that Rocks.

Her practice as an intuitive medium began in 2000 after meditating with a friend. She connected with her friend’s grandmother, conveying evidential proof. After realising the healing power of such work, it became clear that Spirit communication is her mission in this lifetime.

Kimberly has read for clients locally and worldwide. Most readings are done via email without any information about the client or their departed loved ones. These ‘blind’ readings have built her credibility over the last 24 years.

In 2017, Kimberly began her journey with divination. Tarot, oracle, Lenormand, and charm casting have all become add-ons to her readings.

Kimberly has been featured on the WCMF Morning show in Rochester, NY. She has been hired for house parties, lectures, and psychic fairs through the years. Kim was invited to fill the slot reserved for mediums at the 2024 Sterling Renaissance Faire in Sterling, NY.

Kimberly enjoys traveling, hiking, and connecting with her girlfriends for laughs and, of course, tarot readings.

The Medium that Rocks

Presented by Kimberly Scheurer
There are many ways in which our ancestors speak to us. They greet us through birds, butterflies, song lyrics, and dreams! Kim will share fascinating stories of Spirit communication, including using modern technology such as text messages, Facebook memories, and even AI technology.
Presented by Kimberly Scheurer

Participants are encouraged to bring items, pictures, or small trinkets to honor their loved ones in Spirit.

This is a sacred and high-vibrational event! However, these circles are not all serious. Expect good vibes and lots of laughter.

Recording and/ or taking notes is encouraged.

(Limited to 10 people)

Quiet and Calm Track presentations are not live-streamed on Accelevents. However, a recording related to the session will be provided on the Accelevents portal.


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