Presented by Brenda Elizabeth
Moderated by by Amie Emberharte

This powerful Yoga Nidra meditation promotes profound relaxation. It rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. The meditation can be done sitting up or lying down. Relax and go deep. This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

Presented by Beverly Frable
Moderated by by Isaac Mouser

This workshop will compare and contrast the three major tarot styles: Tarot de Marseille: The first known tarot deck dating back to the 15th century; Rider Waite Smith: The deck that influenced the majority of all tarot decks available today; Thoth: Offers astrological and kabalistic attributes, Egyptian symbolism and occult references. Join us for a high-level introduction to each and decide which styles work for you!

Presented by Fast Horse
Moderated by by Brenda Elizabeth

Fast Horse will share stories and insights from his career as a professional tarot reader. From those stories you will learn techniques and perspectives that will help you on your unique tarot journey. This session is moderated by Brenda Elizabeth.


El Tarot es una excelente herramienta de auto conocimiento, la manera en la cual procesamos las situaciones puede ser definida con las cartas de la corte. Propongo ver a estos 16 personajes en lugar de como personas como a 32 características significativas de como estamos experimentando la vida al echar las cartas.