María Luisa Salazar

Tarot Teacher, Tarot Reader & Author

María Luisa Salazar teaches, lectures and writes about tarot in both English and Spanish.

She will be speaking again at StaarCon 2022.

She is the author of the book Tarot el Puente Entre las Mentes, in English, Tarot, the Bridge Between Minds.

From her business, Los Misterios del Tarot, in Lima Perú, she offers tarot readings and instruction, and produces videos for her YouTube channel.

María’s tarot reading style uses coaching techniques to help her clients create positive possibilities.

María has lectured in the UK, Bolivia and Peru, and is excited to bring Los Misterios del Tarot to the United States.

Tarot from New Jersey to Lima with Maria Luisa Salazar

María Luisa, a former science teacher, was first introduced to tarot as a college extracurricular in the United States. Now she is a full-time tarot professional in Lima, Peru.

She shares her fascinating journey, and her perspectives on science and spirituality in this exciting conversation.

Tarot: Hope for Broken Hearts

We all know that many tarot consultations are about romantic relationships.  Very often, what the cards show us about those relationships is not a pretty picture.

If you are a beginner at tarot reading you might find it hard to give bad news. If you have been reading tarot for a while you surely know that the querent already knows (or strongly suspects) whatever it is that you are about to tell them on the matter.

It is hard to be the bearer of bad news, it is even harder to hear people suffer over someone who clearly does not care for them anymore.

The cards can be used to identify different types of relationships.  In this workshop, you will learn to read about relationships and deliver meaningful but tactful messages.

Feel Free Not to Comprehend the Tarot Reading: The Querent Will Get It Even if You Don’t

It is a common mistake to try to comprehend the querent´s situation as if we were part of it, but the truth is that we are not. As Tarot readers, our job is to give clarity, to answer the querents question as objectively as possible without getting involved or letting our feelings get in the way. Since the moment we are born, we are constantly interpreting our environment. As we get older, our interpretations will change according to our own life experiences, beliefs, states of mind, and maybe the planets around us. Everything we interpret with Tarot comes from our life experiences, therefore, the querent will connect through his own comprehension of his life situation. Two people living the same situation will most likely interpret it in different manners, so do not expect as a Tarot reader to understand the situation as the querent will.

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