Tarot Reversals – Are They Necessary?

Presented by Catiara Marie

In this workshop, Catiara will teach you a few different methods of reading reversed cards.  She will explain her beliefs and philosophies surrounding reversed cards.

She will challenge you to look at the cards differently and teach you how to read both the upright and reversed meanings, sometimes at the same time, regardless of the position/orientation of the card.

Catiara will instruct and encourage you to develop and trust your intuition to interpret the cards accordingly.

Journey through the Nine Realms

Presented by Brightheart

Join Brightheart for an introduction to the Norse Pantheon. You will learn the Rune for each Realm and Deity.

This is an exciting way to learn about Norse Mythology and Runes. The story unfolds and you will be amazed at what you have learned when it’s over!