Kate Mura

Theatre Artist & Tarotist

Kate Mura has been a performer for over 30 years. Long before she got her first tarot deck she danced across stages in NY, NJ, and CO. She’s still gracing stages in Portland OR, Albuquerque NM, Bath England, and Avignon France. Interestingly, her growth with tarot and as a performer share similar timelines with a lot of physical overlap. For example, warming up for performing is also a great way to open up for reading tarot.

Kate is a theatre artist and tarotist. She knows creating other worlds is possible because it has been her craft for over 30 years. Kate’s quest in life & art to inspire & create a b.e.s.t. world.


Equitable and Ethical.



An Open Channel: How Actor Warm-Ups Can Improve Your Readings

Can it take some time for you to really get into the flow of readings?

Do you sometimes find it challenging to let querent’s energies go and find them sticking to you? Especially after that session where you doubt what came through for whatever reasons.

This is a class for you!

My favorite acting warm-ups are also FANTASTIC for tarot readers. It never occurred to me that other diviners might not shake out, roll their spines, loosen their jaws, and warm up before and after sessions to release any lingering energies that aren’t yours or helpful for you. An open channel for speaking and singing is the same unencumbered pathway needed for giving clear readings. So today, we’ll explore an intersection of theater and tarot, the open channel of your spine. You’ll walk away with a deeper knowledge of your body and tools to come back into alignment, able to be an open channel.

The Tarot Show with Kate Mura

Every Group Tarot is different, as every group and every tarot reading is a unique constellation. Stories, anecdotes, conversation, philosophy, questions, history, herstory and ourstory come out specifically for your audience, your day and time, your season. What I’m doing is giving a tarot reading. To a large group. As one. You are involved. By picking cards, conversing, asking questions, and actively, compassionately listening. So… let’s see what the cards have to say.

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