The Dreaming Wheel: Astrological Degree Symbols and Your Deep Imagination

Presented by Elizabeth Russell

The deep imagination is an extraordinary tool of communication and creation. Through it we can receive messages from Nature/Cosmos and envision something better for ourselves and the world.

Learn about Sabian Symbols as one way to tune in to the signals and cues guiding you toward life-sustaining actions in your day-to-day life.

Creating brief rituals and mini-stories using these astrological degree symbols turns on the nonlinear mind and strengthens your generative imagination.

Stepping Out of the Spread with Runes

Presented by Aerik Arkadian

Runes are powerful. They can stand alone or augment other forms of divination. Although it sometimes seems counterintuitive, their simple designs allow the reader to tap into a vast network of information. In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of runic divination, from dowsing to casting, with an emphasis on the Elder Futhark alphabet.