Kristine Gorman

Tarot Intuitive & Artist

Kristine Gorman created the Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery, in Sonoma CA with husband Shotsie. That’s where you will find her reading clients and oil painting her upcoming tarot deck. A culmination of a painter and tarot reader life’s work! Now a Podcast as well, her weekly radio show just celebrated 6 years live on the air. “Visionary Woman Tarot Radio Show” on KSVY 91.3 FM where she gives tarot complimentary readings to those who call in.

Kristine has presented at BATS, The Bay Area Tarot Symposium, in 2015 and NWTS Northwest Tarot Symposium, as well as her own workshops and classes in the San Francisco bay area. Her tagline is “Magic is my Day Job!” You can find her artwork at her gallery, in and on the cover of magazines nationwide!

Art and Intuition with Kristine Gorman

Kristine Gorman paints in oils. In normal times, she reads tarot and makes art from a tattoo studio she owns with her husband in Sonoma, California. That should be enough information to tell you that this is going to be a very interesting interview.

Kristine shares her vision for the tarot deck she is creating, and her joy at making Rachel Pollack the World card. You may have gotten a peek at this image when it graced the cover of a recent issue of The Cartomancer magazine.

Christiana and Kristine have the sort of conversation that only two tarotistas can have together, and you get to witness the entire exchange.

New Year Mantra Managed

This ever-evolving workshop gathers new pixie dust with each group that embraces it & it’s the New Year!! 

As the creatrix of this live action held space-it changes every time. I use my tarot cards and my own intuition to create the focus and the questions for each group.It is a workshop divined for you to divine the messages tucked under the surface and around the corner…in a very surprising way. All levels welcome. All you need is the willingness to be open to your own magical abilities-this can be the very thing you need to see, hear, feel, something you do not already know! Fabulous! 

Mantra Managed

Supplies needed: 1-5 tarot decks you normally don’t use for tarot readings, pick the worst deck or the best as long as they have images on them. I am going to ask you 5 questions, you can use a different deck for each question or one unfamiliar deck for all your questions, whatever feels right for you! Pen and paper. All levels welcome!!

*Any tarot deck you have will work as long as it has a pictorial image on each card. (Marseille deck majors only)

Let’s weave a personal mantra for you that reflects what your lovely unconscious wants to say to you! This Mantra will be the best energetic probiotic of the moment to help it all flow toward the evolution and resolution we crave and need. Spark your intuition with this hands-on magically creative exercise that is all about you! Mantra Managed!!!

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