Marion Kirk

Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Author

Marion Kirk has been a tarot professional for over fifteen years. She is a fourth generation intuitive and continues her family tradition of working with methods of divination, in particular tarot from her office in Glasgow, Scotland. She provides consultations and mentoring to a worldwide clientele.

She has contributed to The Esotoracle Magazine and creates content for her YouTube Channel. One of her many passions includes working with the Fae in the beautiful Scottish Countryside where there are many sacred spaces for magical workings.

Hearing Spirit Everywhere with Marion Kirk

If you took Marion’s class at StaarCon, you know that she finds a connection between tarot and music. You might have figured out, too, that she uses both tarot and music to hear the voice of spirit.

In this conversation, we learn that Marion was taught as a child to look and listen for spirit. This is part of what gives Marion her refreshing and inspiring outlook on tarot, mediumship, divination, and life.

Don’t Fear the Retrograde

With the surge in popularity of Astrology in recent years, one word arguably more than any other has gained infamy and that is “Retrograde”. We could blame trickster planet Mercury for the fear around this astro phenomenon.

In this presentation Marion will explain how planetary retrogrades are, despite the “bad press”, actually an excellent time that should be embraced as an opportunity for personal introspection and growth.

Composing Your Tarot Soundtrack

The Tarot and Music have many similarities. Both can be used as forms of story telling and are an expression of creativity. Have you ever heard a song or piece of music that expressed exactly how you felt in that very moment? Or seen an image of a tarot card which immediately reminded you of that obscure song you have not heard in years? In this presentation Marion will share techniques that she has found helpful in developing a deeper connection and understanding of the tarot through the power of music.

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