While we all perceive and understand Spirit differently, we all experience something spiritual in a tarot reading. Whether we see this is a function of our own consciousness or something outside of ourselves isn’t important to the process. What is important is that we learn to work with energy in order to create the circumstances in which a great tarot reading can take place.

In this section, we will learn ways to create and manage the energy of a tarot reading. This process allows us, as readers, to function at our highest potential. When we understand how to create and manage the energy of a tarot reading, the following things become true. We create an energetic connection with our tarot cards which engenders flow of communication and heightened intuition. We create a safe and sacred space in which to perform divination. We create an environment in which we easily enter the flow and zone of tarot reader, absent of anxiety and apprehension. We create a connection with our client which encourages communication and intuition. We engage the third eye to enhance the intuitive aspects of tarot reading and allow the card images to speak. We create an environment in which our client is receptive to truth, understanding and healing.

This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.