Christiana Gaudet

Tarot Professional, Author, Owner & Producer of StaarCon

Christiana Gaudet has been a full-time tarot professional for more than twenty-five years. She offers readings, coaching, and mentoring by phone, webcam, and in-person from her office in Palm City, Florida, and during tours to the Northeast, and other Florida locations. 

Christiana is a popular psychic entertainer on radio and television, and at parties and special events. She is a headlining speaker at festivals and conferences throughout the country, and a sought-after teacher of tarot, personal growth and healing, and esoterica. 

Christiana’s first book, Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know is considered an industry standard for tarot professionals. The award-winning expanded Second Edition was released in December 2017. Her second book, Tarot Tour Guide, also in its second edition, is a beloved reference for beginners and experienced tarotists alike.

She is the founder of the annual international conference, StaarCon, and the host of the podcast, StaarCast.

Amber Highland Interviews Christiana Gaudet

Amber Highland is the editor of the Cartomancer and a presenter for StaarCon 2022. She asks StaarCon founder and producer Christiana Gaudet some questions.

In this episode you can peek into the philosophies behind StaarCon, and why StaarCon is a unique tarot conference.

Christiana Gaudet is a full-time tarot professional with more than twenty-five years’ experience. She and Amber discuss her history as a tarot pro, and how that journey has led to producing an international tarot conference.

Saturday Psychic Sampler Live

Bring your questions, Christiana will supply the answers! Enjoy a fast-paced, fun-filled psychic gallery session with Christiana Gaudet. As ‘Your Tarot Fairy Godmother’, Christiana spends time most Saturday afternoons answering the specific questions of her YouTube channel viewers. At StaarCon, you can enjoy Christiana’s special brand of psychic tarot wisdom as she reads for you and your conference friends, in person and online.

Paper and Spirit

In this first hour, we will explore the ways we connect with our cards, and the ways we bring intuition and spiritual guidance into our tarot practice. We will explore the dedication of new tarot decks, and the special relationships we develop with individual cards, decks, and with tarot itself. We will learn the practice of invocation which invites Spirit into each tarot session.

Archetypes and Identities

In the second morning session, we will explore our personal connections with individual cards. We will learn how people appear in the cards for our clients, and how we help our clients understand themselves and those around them in a new way. Understanding what a card means in a reading is a different matter entirely from understanding classic interpretations, especially when cards speak of individuals and their behaviors.

Practical Applications

Part of the magic of tarot is finding truth in divination. In this session we will apply the ideas and techniques we learned in our morning sessions. We will divine for ourselves and each other using short-format divination exercises. What we learn about tarot and about ourselves in this session will be enlightening and transformative.

Tarot Mediumship

Mediumship is magic. How do we allow our loved ones in spirit to speak through the cards? In this hour we will learn techniques for using tarot as a tool of mediumship. Our ancestors, angels, guides, and guardians are always with us. Tarot can give them voice.

Creating and Managing Energy in a Tarot Reading

Operational Tarot

While we all perceive and understand Spirit differently, we all experience something spiritual in a tarot reading. Whether we see this is a function of our own consciousness or something outside of ourselves isn’t important to the process. What is important is that we learn to work with energy in order to create the circumstances in which a great tarot reading can take place.

In this section, we will learn ways to create and manage the energy of a tarot reading. This process allows us, as readers, to function at our highest potential. When we understand how to create and manage the energy of a tarot reading, the following things become true. We create an energetic connection with our tarot cards which engenders flow of communication and heightened intuition. We create a safe and sacred space in which to perform divination. We create an environment in which we easily enter the flow and zone of tarot reader, absent of anxiety and apprehension. We create a connection with our client which encourages communication and intuition. We engage the third eye to enhance the intuitive aspects of tarot reading and allow the card images to speak. We create an environment in which our client is receptive to truth, understanding and healing.

This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

How the Seventy-Eight Cards Behave in a Tarot Reading

Operational Tarot

Each card can perform numerous functions in a reading. In this section we will learn how keywords, images, classic interpretations, correspondences and intuitive hits work together to form a reading that is pertinent, accurate and inspiring. This will include the following topics. Allow multiple images and keywords to inform your reading by developing the ‘Deck in Your Head’. Don’t limit what the cards can say to you in a reading. Find the right keywords for the right situation. Allow the cards to speak with each other. Allow dignity to give nuance and healing magick to your interpretations. This session is moderated by Amie Mouser.

Tarot Reading Techniques

Operational Tarot

The techniques available to us for giving a tarot reading are vast. While each tarot reader has their preferred methods, it is important to have a full toolbox of techniques at your disposal. Having many techniques gives us the best possibility to handle any situation that arises at the tarot table. In this section we will learn the following methods. How to work with tarot spreads. How to dialogue with the cards. How to break out a question. The Moderator for the session is Amie Mouser.

Delivery is Everything

Operational Tarot

We can derive an astounding amount of information in a reading. Yet, it won’t mean much if we can’t deliver that information in a way that is palatable, understandable, entertaining, empowering and healing. In this final section we will practice delivering messages and handling client resistance at the tarot table. Our focus will include the following. Helping the client process and release hurt and disappointment. Offering new perspectives that empower the client. Helping the client understand their options for the future. Working to manifest the client’s best destiny. Identifying and changing false narratives.

Tarot Art and Artists Breakfast and Discussion

Why did our artists create the cards the way they did? What are our favorite card depictions, and why? How do different types of art stimulate our physic senses differently? How would you like to depict the cards? What sort of deck would you design if you could? Be part of a conversation about our art and with our artists.

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