The Animal Medicine Walk

Presented by Bernadette King

Welcome to the Wild Pack! Take an Animal Medicine Walk with Bernadette King; multi-award winning, internationally known evidential psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, tarot reader, animal communicator, and publisher. Embark on this magical journey and learn new ways of aligning with the Animal Kingdom. You’ll experience Animal Spirit Guide energies like never before. This new ‘method’ was downloaded from the Animal Allies directly into Bernadette. She’s been sharing it all over the world and beginners to adepts are reporting astonishing mystical happenings that are supported by evidence. Part teaching, part journey, part platform reading join with others who want to be in deeper relationship with our brothers and sisters of the wild. Allow their wisdom and power to fill you up and set your spirit free to roam the reality you consciously create.

Unleashing the Storyteller Within

Presented by Sasha Graham

Tarot is storytelling and YOU are a natural born storyteller. It doesn’t matter if you are predicting the future, examining the past, or looking for guidance. No matter how you use tarot, you are weaving a tale. Storytelling with tarot imbues us with supernatural power. The power to change our narrative. Join Sasha Graham, creator of the Dark Wood Tarot and Magic of Tarot, on a creative adventure as she guides you in adding depth, complexity and understanding to yourself and the cards. Choose the genre you want to inhabit, redefine the role you’ve been cast in, and make poetry with your cards. Enjoy meditations, card exercises, and writing prompts to unleash the storyteller within.

Please have on hand: Journal and pen/pencil  & Tarot deck of your choice

Practical Palmistry

Presented by Gita Rash

Palmistry, the ancient science of reading the palm of the hand, is an interesting and exciting form of divination. Describing your personalty and forecasting the events in your life are some of the fascinating aspects of palmistry. With techniques to explain how cheriognomy and cheiromancy work, you can learn to distinguish between the types of hands, fingers, finger nails, lines, mounts, formations and so much more. You can uncover the blueprint of your destiny and gain an understanding of basic principles that provide hours of fun. Discover your hidden talents and start an exhilarating new journey.

Living a Tarot Inspired Life

Presented by Jaymi Elford

Learn the various ways you can integrate tarot as a companion through your life. This concept formed the basis for Jaymi Elford’s book, Tarot Inspired Life. Join Jaymi as she discusses tips for creativity, honoring the seasons, daily rituals, and more. Bring your curiosity and zest for tarot!