Presented by Marion Kirk

In this interactive presentation Marion will introduce you to the Minor Arcana Tarot Card that governs the 10 Degrees (Decan) of your birthday. Through a unique exercise you will discover how this often-overlooked card has had an impact on your life and the choices you have made.


Take a deep dive into Mother’s Earth’s Natural Healing Wisdom as Joanna Salerno and Lainie Sevante Wulkan, Creators of The Food Healing Oracle Deck® take you on an exploration of the senses in this one-hour mystical presentation. Bringing you into a greater conscious awareness around food, its power to affect your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness, they share with you how The Food Healing Oracle Deck® goes well beyond what you’re eating at your next meal, but also a life changing understanding into 60 channeled messages and how your foods want to provide healing wisdom and practical gifts to aid you on your healing and spiritual journey.


It is a common mistake to try to comprehend the querent´s situation as if we were part of it, but the truth is that we are not. As Tarot readers, our job is to give clarity, to answer the querents question as objectively as possible without getting involved or letting our feelings get in the way. Since the moment we are born, we are constantly interpreting our environment. As we get older, our interpretations will change according to our own life experiences, beliefs, states of mind, and maybe the planets around us. Everything we interpret with Tarot comes from our life experiences, therefore, the querent will connect through his own comprehension of his life situation. Two people living the same situation will most likely interpret it in different manners, so do not expect as a Tarot reader to understand the situation as the querent will.

Presented by Jamie Sawyer

We will be exploring and discussing how using an intentionally created backdrop with multiple divination systems can help break free from codexes and set the stage for your practice to be seen in a new light!

Presented by Fred West

Tarot Birth Pairs are a fascinating use for tarot, but they're larger than we think. I'm going to broaden your pair into their full constellations by bringing the respective minors into the Birth Pair discussion. How do the Minors play a role in understand your birth pairing. How to they help you take action, and understand your emotional selves. Join me as we discover your other facets, in the realm of tarot birth pairs.