Jaymi Elford

Tarot Reader, Deck Creator, Author & Podcaster

Jaymi Elford discovered her first deck at 13 and has been reading for others since then. You can find her slinging cards at parties, events, or in one- on-one sessions with clients. Tarot is Jaymi’s personal inner compass. She reads the cards for herself to seek guidance and gain insight. When it comes to living a tarot inspired life, Jaymi has a simple philosophy: clear the clutter, locate your anchor, and allow magic into all aspects of your world.

Not only is Jaymi an accomplished reader, she’s a respected member of the international Tarot community. She has taught at Readers Studio, BATS, and the NorthWest Tarot Symposium (NWTS). Jaymi also produces various other tarot media — writing and editing books on Tarot, crafting innovative essays for magazines, and she has an addiction to producing little white books for other decks. Lo Scarabeo published her first deck, Triple Goddess Tarot in 2017. Llewellyn Worldwide released her first book, Tarot Inspired Life, in 2019. She is the co-host of two podcasts Tarot Visions, with Rose Red, and Cardslingers Coast to Coast with Melissa Cynova and Hilary Parry Haggerty.

Spinning Fire and Slinging Cards with Jaymi Elford

Jaymi Elford is a tarot author, reader, and podcaster. She has truly created her own life inspired by tarot. She has written an award-nominated book about how you can do the same.

You might be surprised to learn that Jaymi has written a number of the little white books that accompany your tarot decks. She is also the author of the new Heaven and Earth Tarot.

Jaymi shares her wisdom and philosophies with us in this exciting episode of StaarCast.

Living a Tarot Inspired Life

Learn the various ways you can integrate tarot as a companion through your life. This concept formed the basis for Jaymi Elford’s book, Tarot Inspired Life. Join Jaymi as she discusses tips for creativity, honoring the seasons, daily rituals, and more. Bring your curiosity and zest for tarot!

Mix and Match: Playing with Two Decks

In this fun workshop, author and divination experimentalist, Jaymi Elford shows you a progressive system to combine tarot and cartomancy decks. Learn techniques to build new divination behaviors and get your decks playing well with one another. Bring a pen, your tarot deck, and any Lenormand or oracle decks to test out.

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