Presented by Kim Danbert
Moderated by by Amie Emberharte

Kim will share examples of how the Waite-Smith Tarot images and interpretations pair with specific passages and sentiments of the Holy Bible. Expand your understanding of both tarot and the Bible, and find wisdom within them both.

Presented by Marion Kirk
Moderated by by Amie Emberharte

The Tarot and Music have many similarities. Both can be used as forms of story telling and are an expression of creativity. Have you ever heard a song or piece of music that expressed exactly how you felt in that very moment? Or seen an image of a tarot card which immediately reminded you of that obscure song you have not heard in years? In this presentation Marion will share techniques that she has found helpful in developing a deeper connection and understanding of the tarot through the power of music.

Presented by Madam Zee
Moderated by by Isaac Mouser

Join Madame Zee as she explores mediumship through tarot.

Presented by Rose Robinson
Moderated by by Amie Emberharte

Incorporating your Tarot to enhance your seasonal celebrations can seem tricky. What cards do I focus on? How can I build spreads that enhance my practice? What decks should I use? Join RoseRed as she takes you on a journey through the Sacred Celebrations and shares ideas on how to use the symbols of the holiday to create spreads to connect with each specific Sabbat. Find ways to extend the cards one can use to make deeper connections to each of the Sabbats. You will get a spread for each Sabbat as well as a simple ritual you can do to enhance your own connection to the Witch's Year.


We will gather together for a final time to acknowledge and celebrate new friends, new skills, and new wisdom.