Tarot Art and Artists Breakfast and Discussion

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 8:45 am

Presented by Benebell Wen, Christiana Gaudet, Ciro Marchetti & Gita Rash

Why did our artists create the cards the way they did? What are our favorite card depictions, and why? How do different types of art stimulate our physic senses differently? How would you like to depict the cards? What sort of deck would you design if you could? Be part of a conversation about our art and with our artists.

8 Keys to Practicing Tarot for Spiritual Awakening

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 10:00 am

Presented by Frank Kwiatkowski

Tarot is a gateway to the divine within.When practiced with sacred intention, commitment, and patience, tarot becomes a very effective and fun tool for spiritual awakening. An awakening is a transformation within the psyche that fundamentally changes perspectives, attitudes, and values. This awakening of the spirit is the crucial first step of the process of individuation, an initiation to fully realizing and becoming our essential true nature. It is the active process of merging with divinity. In this workshop you will receive a series of tips for how to use tarot with the intention of spiritual awakening. You can expect to leave this workshop with eyes, mind, and heart opened to new possibilities for your personal use of tarot. Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite tarot deck, as Frank will share his 8 Keys to Spiritual Awakening Spread.

Life Art and Story Medicine: Claim your Path and Live in Alignment using Tarot for Guidance, Confidence, Connection and Manifestation

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 12:30 pm

Presented by Serena Fox

Join together for an inspiring hour-long journey with tarot and storytelling. Welcome the cards as guidance in everyday life! We’ll explore their use as connected to personal clarity, creativity, manifestation, healing and awareness. We’ll discuss the archetypes and symbols as prompts for pivotal reflection and adjustment…a springboard for dynamic movement, motivation and positive change. Through this exercise, we’ll strengthen our connection, clarity and purpose. The hour includes: History; Card Overview and Recognition; Practice of Deep Listening and Meditation; Storytelling; and Q and A).

Diving Deep into the Hanged Man

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 2:15 pm

Presented by Mary K. Greer

One of the most mysterious cards in the deck is the Hanged Man, which Waite claimed has, unfortunately, been misinterpreted. Let’s see if we can unravel its significance in ways that bring a deeper appreciation for how Tarot helps us in everyday life. We’ll see what history and modern media have to say and then what the mythic, archetypal and mystical perspectives have to teach us.

How to Use Tarot to Identify and Work with Destructive Family Patterns

StaarCon 2021: Sunday, January 24, 2021: Track 1: 4:00 pm

Presented by Nancy Hendrickson

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re trapped in self-defeating behavior, you may be experiencing the result of a generational pattern. These are habits that were born out of necessity but over the years became adopted as a family norm. While not all generational patterns are destructive, the ones that are negatively impacting your life today definitely are.

Join Nancy Hendrickson as she demonstrates how to use Tarot to begin unraveling the patterns that no longer have a place in your life. Bring a Tarot deck separated into Majors, Minors, and Court Cards.