Madame Zee

Master Tarot Intuitive Counselor & Priestess

Madame Zee is a female empowerment leader who has been involved in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for over 25+ years, teaching women how to live a more witchy and enchanted lifestyle.

She is the Head Priestess as the Master your Magick High Priestess Academy and runs an online Witchy School.

Her Magickal ability is to show Witches how to remove the “BS & fluff” out of Witchcraft so they can get to Witchin’ FAST!

Madame Zee is a Master Tarot Intuitive Counselor and has read for many clients as well as a practitioner at the largest Metaphysical Store in the U.S. Her readings will empower you, show you the right direction to take, & identity energies that you need to release.

Presented by Madam Zee
Moderated by by Isaac Mouser

Join Madame Zee as she explores mediumship through tarot.